The Walton County Sheriff’s Office wants to warn citizens about a scam called Facebook Powerball Lottery. 

An investigator with the Sheriff’s Office is currently working on a case where a citizen was contacted by one of her friends on Facebook to go claim her prize that she won on the Facebook Powerball Lottery. 

The citizen was then contacted by an unknown person, not on her Facebook friends list, and was informed that she won $150,000. She was asked to send $1,500, via Western Union, and in turn, she would receive the $150,000. The subject also asked for her name, date of birth, address, cell phone number and e-mail address. Thankfully, the citizen did not send any money and reported the scam to the Sheriff’s Office.

If you are solicited on Facebook regarding this scam, please do not give out any personnel information or send money.  If you have been a victim or solicited by someone on Facebook regarding the Powerball lottery, please call the Sheriff’s Office at 850-892-8111.