The Owsley Brothers have been retooling their own blend of garage rock and blues since 2010.

"A raw edge has always been a huge part of the sound, but with our upcoming album, a bluesy psychedelic trip sounds more accurate now," said drummer John Reinlie.

The band came together four years ago after vocalist and guitarist, Jerad Reynolds, began collecting free and borrowed gear with the intention of recording a "warped, blues album." Reynolds recorded a few songs, an LP titled "Pure Lust," and eventually started to garner national attention from music bloggers. Seeing the positive response, Reynolds put together The Owsley Brothers as a three-piece set. After a year, the band expanded to include keyboards and synthesizer effects. The band is comprised of Reynolds, guitarist Brian Wise, John Reinlie on drums and Zion Cochran on keyboards.

"Zion brings a strong left-hand keyboard bass and right-hand synth effects and noises," Reinlie said.

The band's list of early influences is diverse, but it all stems from early sounds,  from punk rock to bluegrass to classic rock. The band stays true to a vintage sounds recording music in their homegrown analog studio in Santa Rosa Beach.

When it comes to songwriting, Reynolds inspiration is across the board like his musical tastes. Instead of a notepad, he keeps a log of ideas and melodies in a small voice recorder he always has with him.

"I am influenced by things that happen in my day to day life," he said. "It could be a person I met who tells me a story and I interpret that, or it could be as simple as something I see on TV that ticks me off. My approach is different for each song."

Most of The Owsley Brothers have all played different local bands over the years. Wise and Reynolds even played together in The Waco Ramblers. However, it seems the band has found the perfect formula playing together. It didn't take long for the Owsley Brothers to attract attention not just in the local region, but nationwide thanks to a licensing agent in Los Angeles. The band's music has been featured on various shows and commercials.

"It's really exciting to hear our music on a program, especially 'Shameless' on Showtime, since we're all big fans," Reinlie said. "In season three, episode four, make sure to check out the scene where 'Pure Lust' comes on."

While the band has spent most of last year in the studio, The Owsley Brothers have recently shifted focus to their live show. Locally, you can check them out along 30A at Gulf Place, Pandora's and Funky Blue's Shack.

"We definitely have a strong set structure that flows from song to song, but we also like to incorporate an unhinged aspect with some longer psychedelic loop based jams," Reinlie said.

On April 24, you won't have to go far to catch the band's set as their performance for WSRE's "StudioAmped" will air on TV. The show's executive producer, Billy Harrell, needed no time choosing the band for its sixth season.

"They're loud, psychedelic, slightly hard rock, a little blues and garage with a lot of reverb," said Harrell. "It has a stripped down sound, which I found interesting. It really impressed me."

This summer, stay tuned for a new Owsley Brothers album, followed by a mystery tribute EP already in the works, Reinlie said.

"Needless to say, you can always look forward to an ever-revolving sound full of energy and intensity," he said.

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