One night in April 2005, members of two different local bands sat down at a local bar and decided that if these three guys joined those two guys the result would be a real band.

So, the WaCo Ramblers was formed. Their first performance was at The Sea bar Easter Sunday following Hubba Hubba.

"There had been four of us already playing together a little but we just couldn't get over the line," remembers founding band member Jeremiah Campbell.

But with the help of MySpace and other social media they used to promote themselves, all the stars fell into place and they began getting better gigs.

"Pandora's Box was opened and we became very sought after," said Campbell.

The five guys, plus or minus one at any given time, performed together over the next four years all over Walton County and westward as far Biloxi — sometimes as many as three sets a day from five to seven nights a week.

However, over time, some band members began wanting to play more traditional bluegrass music instead of continuing as the entertaining bar band they had become.

A split ensued and the WaCo Ramblers played their last show in 2009. Some stayed in the area and continue to play under other names and others moved to places such as North Carolina and California.

The bluegrass group The Tennessee Firearms was an offshoot, and Campbell and some friends perform at Shorty's in Grayton every Wednesday night and Sunday afternoons as The Red Rocket Show.

However, for one weekend in October, all the original members of the WaCo Ramblers will be in South Walton and will give a reunion performance Oct. 21 at 6 p.m. at Pandora's in Grayton.

There is no charge for admittance and all are invited for this one-night performance.