What's happening in this administration regarding military secrets and compromise of valuable intelligence is a disgrace.

Not only is it a disgrace, it's putting our brave military and intelligence professionals at risk. It needs to stop. Whatever selfish motive these leakers have, it translates to treason. To bring attention to this serious matter, a number of our veteran Special Operations heroes, who have served our proud military in remarkable ways, are coming to this area to speak out. The participating organizations are Special Operations for America, Special Ops Operational Security Education Foundation (OPSEC), and Veterans for a Strong America.

This outstanding presentation will be held at Sandestin's Linkside Exhibit Hall on Sunday, Oct. 28, at 3 p.m. Their voices will tell us how concerned and disturbed they are with the current administration and the direction of our country with regard to its many security leaks and compromised intelligence that betray our military and intelligence communities. 

There is no charge for attending the event.

Speaking will be five to seven former Special Operators veterans from all over the USA. The keynote address will be given by Montana State Sen. Ryan Zinke, former two-time commander of SEAL Team Six. These remarkable individuals have appeared on national TV a number of times to carry the message to all Americans. They will also be emphasizing that Florida is a critically important state in the upcoming election and could be (as it has in the past) a deciding factor in the overall outcome.  

As Florida voters, it is absolutely necessary that we get out the vote for a new direction that will bring dignity and stature back to our great nation. Please plan on attending this worthwhile event; it is really important.


Hollis Risley

Former Green Beret

Miramar Beach