Announced just one year ago, construction of the new Carmike Cinema at Grand Boulevard is already halfway complete and on schedule to open in time for the arrival of spring breakers at the beach in 2013.

As Grand Boulevard spokesperson Stacey Brady proudly made this announcement this week, she was joined by John Heiser, executive vice-president of development for Howard Group, the developer of the new cinema, in announcing more developments to the project.

First and foremost is the announcement of a new name for the cinema, and a new logo to go along with it.

Originally billed as the Montecito 10, the theater is now being branded as the Boulevard 10.

"We felt that branding it as the Boulevard 10 would make it unique to its place, and that's what people would end up calling it any way," said Brady, who went on to say that any grand project of this magnitude goes through “evolutions.”

The project will rest on a 40,000-square-foot footprint at the far west corner of Grand Boulevard. That translates to 1.2 acres, said Heiser.

The theater will feature 10 cinemas in its 39,744 square feet.

A 54-foot mostly glass tower at the entrance will welcome movie goers in grand style.

There will be no standing outside in the heat or inclement weather to purchase tickets at this theater, as the box office will be indoors.

There will also be a VIP area, and separate stations for food and drink purchases and another for refills.

"You will only pay for food and beverages one time," said Heiser.

The main body of the theater will be around 35-feet high with an impressive 30-foot-high ceiling in the lobby.

The cinemas will feature 455 seats and 50-foot screens to accommodate 3D or 2D large-format movies.

"It's true large format and only one of 14 in the country. It will be the first Big D in the state of Florida," said Brady.

The theater will also feature a Carmike Cinema-branded adults-only Ovation Club featuring full tableside light food and adult beverage service. The chairs in this theater will be of high-backed leather.

To complement such a theater, the inside and outside finishes have been taken up a notch. Adding the corner glass tower was first, and stone has also been added, along with a more Mediterranean-style color palate.  "There will be a very classy upscale look to the lobby and it will be state of the art in the entertainment industry," said Heiser. "The design now has more energy. It will be really cool."

Terrell Mayton, director of marketing for Carmike Cinemas, agrees.

"This will be one of the most incredible theaters we have built," he said. "This theater will have only the second Ovation Club in the country, and offer light food in comfortable seating with table-side service. It will be cutting edge from sound to onscreen presentation."

Heiser said he feels confident about the theater being ready for opening by Spring Break.

"We had one of the wettest Augusts on record, but Parks Construction has built more than 100 Carmikes and they know how it's done," he said.