With 16 communities along 30A, how would you choose?

For Joan Luchese, the choice is clear.

Luchese chose the community of WaterSound for her home, and through her work as a Realtor at Beach Properties of Florida, she also has the opportunity to sell property there.

"We have traveled all over the world, but there's nothing like our beaches," brags Luchese. "And, WaterSound offers the best living on these beaches with paradise-like living at a resort."

Luchese said WaterSound is still growing, but the community is seeing more and more full time residents. Currently, there are approximately one-third full-time residents, one-third part time, with one-third yet to be built.

"We're a very diverse community," she said. "People who choose to live here are from all over not just the South. And, we're not just retirees. We have retirees, as well as families with young children, and everything in between. It's a real mix and every buyer is different. We're not after one particular market."

Although Realtors are not after one particular market, Luchese admits one must have achieved some financial success to be able to afford WaterSound.

Currently, prices range anywhere between $900,000 up to $5.6 million.

There are amenities, though, that other beach communities do not have.

"We're the only community with full-time security. We have 24-hour security at the manned gate and roaming security. And because of that, the HOA fees will be higher," she said.

If Beach Club membership is desired, that is an extra option. The Beach Club offers fine and casual dining, as well as a bar.

As the resort grows, residents and visitors are beginning to see more amenities offered such as a gym, salon and spa, and Bruno's Pizza have opened at the entrance to the main gate.

There are four pools, pool houses, and active Bible and book study groups, and residents often schedule cocktail parties.

"We really don't have to leave. It's a great place to live," said Luchese. "Even though everyone here has achieved financial success, no one is trying to keep up. We have an active social community and everyone gets along."

However, leaving the resort is necessary to purchase groceries, pharmaceutical items, and visit doctors, but at the end of the day, Luchese says she enjoys returning home to WaterSound where there is no through traffic or day trippers allowed behind the gates.