Im Poppy and I am proud to be the Pet of the Week. I am a 4-year-old Jack Russell Terrier mix and you can tell by my name I love P words! So check out my story, as told with the power of the P word!

1. Past:

Life was difficult for me, but I have Preserved with my Positive outlook. When Alaqua Animal Refuge rescued me, I was scared at first, but when I arrived here I saw that this Place is Perfect. 

2. Personality:

The best word to describe me is cautious. I am Pleasant, but Picky about whom I trust. The People at Alaqua are nice and helped me gain confidence. I am selective in the dogs that I befriend, but once I do, they become my Playmates.

3. Patience:

I hope to find a Person to love me. A human that can be Patient and Persistent in gaining my trust, then I will be their best Pal.

4. Pocket sized:

Im Pint sized, but Packed with energy. Ill need a fenced area where I can Play. Yet, when you hold me, I will become Putty in your arms! My grooming is easy to do Im a simple wash and dry kind of dog. I dont need any fussy Pampering! Plus, Im already Potty trained.

5. Peace:

That is my greatest wish is to find a Person to call my own. I Promise to love and Protect you forever if you Pick me. Ill be a Perfect companion. I will be so Proud of my new family.

Please come to Alaqua to meet me. Youll recognize me. Ill be trying to get your attention by quietly asking you to Pick me, Please.