Q:  What is your favorite food to eat?

A: My all-time favorite food is a nice and juicy New York Strip. You just can’t go wrong with a New York Strip cooked medium rare.

Q: What do you do to stay educated about new trends in the food industry?

A: While I think it’s important to stay educated on trends I also think it is just as important to sometimes step outside of that box and experiment with food. My friends from culinary school and I keep in touch and I also do research when I go back home to New Jersey and frequent New York. However, what educates me the most is my family. I come from a family who grow their own gardens and truly enjoy experimenting with recipes. We have fun doing it together and this is the best type of education in my opinion.

Q:  What Holiday do you enjoy cooking for the most?

A: Christmas is the one holiday I get to spend with my friends and family in New Jersey. We cook together, we laugh together and we make memories together – all centered around food. My wife and little girls love to join in as well which makes the holiday even more special.

Q: Largest party you have personally prepared food for?

A: As small as 20 by myself and up to more than 200 with my culinary staff under my direction.

Q: Cuisine of what Country inspires you the most?

A: Italian. I was born in France and moved to NJ where I grew up. The strongest memories of my youth were always about family meal time and cooking together.  We never ate fast food and rarely ate out. This type of lifestyle with the delicious flavors is always inspired in my cooking.

Q: What would you change about televised cooking shows?

A: Having spent time on a reality cooking show (Hell’s Kitchen Season 5) and worked in the industry all my life I know that it takes more than just a few days to make something successful. If I could introduce a new reality show, it would be similar to Restaurant Impossible or Kitchen Nightmare with a twist. The show would last an entire season and focus solely on one location. I would be there for the restaurant day and night for several months to ensure it truly turned around. Ultimately, I would leave the restaurant set up for long-term success with established processes, training, menus, budgets and more.

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