When Karen Katzenbach and Tony Young were growing up, there was no such thing as crossfit. Katzenbach grew up a distance runner and trained in martial arts, but hated working out in a gym. Young focused on muscle building, training for a Master Strongman competition, but got winded climbing a flight of stairs. Needless to say, when they discovered the world of crossfit — they never looked back.

“When I found crossfit, I was immediately intrigued,” Young said. “The brilliance of combining strength, power and cardio — all the aspects of fitness — into one workout is amazing. After I started, I couldn’t stop.”

And now, 10 years after their life-changing discovery, the couple is celebrating their fourth summer with 30A Crossfit, where they’re sharing their love and knowledge with the Walton community.

“Our overall goal is to help as many people as possible,” Katzenbach said. “We look at ourselves as teachers — we’re in the empowerment business.”

30A Crossfit takes a “whole life approach” to training, with exercise being just one part of the equation. It’s not only about a physical transformation, but a mental and emotional one as well.

“In every aspect of life, we try to teach the importance of building healthy habits,” Young said. “Diet, mobility, exercise — it’s all part of a whole. And we realize everyone is different, physically and emotionally. None of this is one size fits all.”

The coaches can customize workouts to an individual’s ability and always keep a watchful eye.

“When you walk through those doors, you are never on your own,” Katzenbach said. “Our job as coaches is to help you reach your goals and never hit a plateau. Every class we have three goals — get a great workout, learn something, and have fun. It’s like recess for adults.”

Recess that gets you results.

“It’s all about results,” Young said. “That’s why crossfit is so popular. It’s amazing to see the transformations people make and the confidence they gain. If you commit to the whole life approach with us, you will see results.”

And it’s not just the coaches helping you reach your goals, but the “fantastically supportive” community.

“The best thing about crossfit is the community,” Young said. “When you walk into a crossfit gym, it’s feels like home — like you’re going to visit family. We support each other, push each other and keep each other accountable.”

30A Crossfit is located at 217 Serenoa Road in Santa Rosa Beach. For more information or to view a class schedule, visit their website at www.30acrossfit.com or call 366-3226.