Hi, my name is Spencer. If you are looking for a mature relationship, it might be me that you are searching for.

I am an 8-year-old male and a blend of all the best American breeds ó an All-American melting pot if you will. Iím loyal, gentle, and faithful. Iím the sort of dog that loves to go for a walk, but is also happy sitting quietly by your side. No questions as to what my personality will be ó what you see is what you get. Iím already trained, well behaved, and housebroken. Just ask anyone. Old dogs are great.

Iíve been at Alaqua Animal Refuge a couple of months and Iíve made many friends. The volunteers say Iím a joyful fellow and one of the best-behaved dogs here. Theyíve taught me a lot and introduced me to new things. I love to play in the yard, and would do well in a family with children or other dogs. Despite my past, Iím an optimist. I am also quite the ďladies man,Ē as I have stolen a few hearts here at Alaqua. They call me a ďgentle soulĒ and say I would be a perfect pet. Iím definitely a people pleaser. 

Please donít be nervous about my being 8-years-old. I still have a lot of living to do. Alaqua has given me a second chance and I am living everyday to the fullest. If you need a meaningful relationship, consider taking a chance on me. Come see me, ask if you can visit the charming and debonair gentleman, the one that always has a smile on his face. Who knows, it might just be you that makes my dream of having a home of my own come true.

For more information about Spencer or any other adoptable animals visit our website, www.alaquaanimalrefuge.org/FindAPet, come for a visit, or call 850-880-6399.