More important than one's political and economic preferences, more important than the personalities of the candidates, more important than potential Supreme Court appointments, or even the threat of future wars, more important than all of these things is the abiding moral soul of this country itself; which is being trampled and dragged through the mud with the thuggery and racism and hatred and intimidation and suppression being waged by the supporters of Willard Mitt Romney.

A vote for this candidate, in light of all these well-documented activities being conducted on his behalf, is a vote for the end of the United States of America.

I am a registered independent (non-affiliated) voter, not a Democrat, who has witnessed presidential elections going all the way back to the 1950s, and I do not believe I have ever seen the level of outright American versus American hatred as that currently being propagated by some of Mr. Romney’s supporters, and by the right wing media in promoting his candidacy.

It is disgusting.

History has shown what happens when nations empower those who use and condone such tactics. This is a factual truth and an inescapable fate for those brazen enough, or ignorant enough, to take this risk. America, as Mr. Romney himself ironically has said, is better than that! Do not reward these heinous tactics with your vote! Or we as a nation will surely pay the price for our insouciance.


Ed Billeaud

Santa Rosa Beach