The polls were busy Tuesday and before with 74.5 percent of Walton County’s 38,908 registered voters coming to cast ballots for their politicians of choice.

If Walton County was governed independently of the state, its residents would be under different leadership than the nation.

With registered Republicans numbering 21,757 over 10,190 Democrats and 6,961 “Others,” it was really no surprise that Mitt Romney took the county’s vote for president with 21,433 votes to Obama’s 6,646.

In the remainder of the races, it was no different, with Republican candidates sweeping the ballots to win countywide.

The U.S. Senate race was dominated by Connie Mack, who took 18,390 over Bill Nelson’s 8,453 in-county votes. However, Nelson did win the seat when all votes were tallied Florida-wide.

Jeff Miller took the Florida House District 1 seat with 72.92 percent of the votes in Walton County, with 19,999 over Democrat Jim Bryan’s 6,379. Throughout the District, however, it was not such a landslide, but still a win for the incumbent, who received 237,946 votes over Bryan’s 92,670 and Libertarian Calen Frett’s 11,120.

Don Gaetz won another term as State Senator, District 1. As well, Marti Coley, held her State Representative, District 5, seat. 

Countywide races were also dominated by Republican winners.

Sheriff Michael Adkinson won a second term over challenger longtime law enforcement officer Danny Griffith.

Bill Chapman overtook Frank Day to win the final seat on the Board of County Commissioners. He will join Cindy Meadows, District 5, and Bill Imfeld, District 3, as the newest Commissioners. Sara Comander and Kenneth Pridgen will hold districts 4 and 2, respectively.

Carlene Anderson held her spot as superintendent against challenger Rosemary Ragle.

Charlotte Flynt won Seat 5 on the South Walton Fire District’s commission board. She challenged incumbent Ed Wright.

John Magee ultimately held his seat against challenger Ronnie Faulk for Seat 1 on the Mosquito Control Board, while incumbent Jim Crawford lost Seat 2 to Tim Norris, who was followed closely by Adrianne Walline Campbell.

Countywide, Amendments 5 and 12 did not pass. Statewide, eight of the 11 amendments were nay-sayed. The ones that did pass were 2, 9, and 11.

Walton County will hold a swearing-in ceremony for the local candidates Nov. 20 at 8:30 a.m. at the DeFuniak Springs County Courthouse.

The ceremony will be followed by a special meeting at 10 a.m.