Sandestin's Connie Yarbro was awarded Samford Nursing School's Living Legacy Award during its 90th anniversary gala Oct. 13. She was among 50 honorees selected "for the impact they have had on the mental, physical and spiritual well-being of others," said nursing Dean Dr. Nena Sanders, adding that they have perpetuated a legacy of academic excellence, caring, compassion and service around the world in order to make a significant impact on humanity. All hold degrees from the School of Nursing. More than 425 guests attended the gala at The Club in Birmingham. Each Living Legacy honoree received an inscribed globe. Way to go, Connie!

Sandestin artist Robin Wiesneth was chosen to paint the cover of Heart Animal Rescue Anthology, which features stories and prose about animal rescue. All money from sales goes to Heart Animal Rescue.

Chef Phil Krajeck, formerly at WaterColor's Fish Out of Water, opened his restaurant, Rolf and Daughters, this week in downtown Nashville.

Congratulations to Susan and Anthony Vallee who celebrated 13 years of marriage last week, and announced they are expecting another child. 

Two animals celebrated their first birthdays last weekend: Chase Johnson's Roo, and John Stasko's Stevie Nicks. Some of John's neighbors dropped in to help celebrate as Alabama and Texas A&M rolled on the screen, including Claudia and Brad Droy, Michelle and Tom Fillingim, Dana and Tom Saffel, Ed and Donna MacDonald, Carol and Mike Stovsky, Lorene Gruzdis, RoseAnn Knight, Carla Ravarino, Sharon Thompson, and John Burke came from Sandestin and brought Scruffy. Cat tails were optional and RoseAnn did wear hers.

Pauline Sutcliffe has welcomed a new member to her family in Rio.

Gulf Place homeowners held their monthly meet and greet at Restaurant Fire last Monday evening with Sharon Thompson, Kathy, Joe and Erin Perry, Brad and Claudia Droy, Mike and Carol Stovski, Greg and Beverly Schmitt, Tom and Michelle Fillingim. Keith and Rose Anne Knight, Lorene Gruzdis, Ed and Donna McDonald, Phil Argersinger and Yelena Langdon enjoying.

Tom and Michelle Fillingim hosted a cocktail party at their Gulf Place home for former residents Tom and Cozi Senior last Tuesday night. The affair was festive as current and new residents of the community enjoyed meeting and greeting the Seniors who moved to Atlanta last year. John Stasko, Keith and RoseAnn Knight, Carol and Mike Stovsky, Carla Ravarino, Claudia and Brad Droy, Jane and Doug Anderson, Beverly and Greg Schmitt, Bill and Cheryl Freeze, Sharon Thompson, Lorene Gruzdis, Phil Argersinger and Yelena Langdon enjoyed as everyone watched the election coverage.

I enjoyed seeing Jack and Lynn Abbit, Dwight Ward, David and Judi Bludworth, John Beem, and Roy Kleindolph at the Gulf Place yard sale last Saturday.

Tracy Louthain, Stacey and Mike Brady, Demetrius Fuller and Michael Dobson are a few who enjoyed the Seeing Red Wine Fest last weekend.

Joe Serrato and Claire Bannerman were two who attended former Secretary of Education Bill Bennett's book signing at The Hidden Lantern last week.

Sacred Heart Hospital Gift Shop has kicked its holiday season off grandly with a big selection of holiday items ideal for gift giving.

Diane Grey Page received an interesting order on her website on Veterans Day from a Lieutenant serving in Afghanistan who is the chief director of emergency services in the 136th MEB Centurion Camp.

Susan Alfieri's sister, Heather, and niece Jenny came from Australia to celebrate Susan's birthday, Thanksgiving, and Donal and Susan's 50th wedding anniversary Nov. 24. Heather has promised to make pavlova while here, a traditional Aussie dessert that Susan says is yummy.

Meg Weant celebrated her recent birthday with six friends from Pensacola, and dancing to Eric Lindell at Local Catch and the Red Bar.

Debbie Weant is back from New York City where she made her contribution to stimulating the economy.

Marieanne Khoury-Vogt visited Anne Hunter in SOHO.

Demetrius Fuller, Tina Harbuck and Michael Dobson also spent a few days in the Big Apple.

Kelly Rafferty spent a week in Saint Louis.

Bonnie Pleggenkuhle just returned from a trip to Oregon to visit her brother.

Chick and Cathy Huettel are back from St. Martin, where they were guests of Bob and Polly Capp who have a spectacular water-view home on the island.

Toronto's John and Mo Burns are back for the winter.

Get well wishes go out to Paula Ford.

Sympathy is expressed to Mark Caraway in the passing of Sulla.

Wish a “happy birthday” today to artist Cyndi Eastburn.

Tomorrow to Cheryl Freeze, Realtor Bobby Johnson, stylist Rolland Day, The Sun’s Holly Viola, and my lovely future daughter-in-law Elizabeth Ranieri.

Monday to Louise Poundstone, Realtor Robert Monk, and Paul Maum.

Tuesday to former Artist of the Year Mike McCarty, and wine man John Morris.

Wednesday to former Artist of the Year Dorothy Starbuck.

On Thanksgiving Day to 30A Posse’s Wayne Carlisle, Sandestin’s Carol Saucier, and Kim Pall.

And Friday to Realtor Sherry Carter, Sandestin’s Denise Dobolek and Ray Kostick.


Deborah Wheeler is the arts and entertainment reporter for The Walton Sun. She may be reached at 654-8443, 687-1239, or email Follow her on Twitter @WaltonSunDeb. Party Line appears weekly in The Sun.