The plan for a 10-foot-wide cart path along 30A, between CR 83 and 283 is a non-starter. 

This section of 30A is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled of the entire corridor. Itís a peaceful place where vistas of greenery and lakes abound and commercial structures are completely lacking.  Now the TDC is ganging up with eager golf cart promoters and Preble-Rish consultants to promote a cart path plan that would seriously jeopardize this beauty.  It's about what we've come to expect from the out-of-touch bureaucracy at TDC.

The plan itself makes no sense, even for those who claim to use motorized carts for everyday transportation. It would truly be a road from nowhere to nowhere. It wonít connect with any other road where carts can legally travel.  It would just become a freeway for joy riding tourists and spring breakers. 

At the ends the choice would be to create a traffic hazard by dodging fast moving vehicles on 30A, or turn around. The claim that it would displace vehicles from 30A is laughable.

Think about the consequences for the sensitive environmental areas along the route. How about drink cans, cigarette butts and other litter floating in the wetlands next to the three lakes?  Its not a pretty picture.  Who's going to clean up the mess?

Who's going to maintain the timber bridges? Another burden for stretched taxpayers? What happens to them after golf cart travel ceases to be trendy? Think abandoned, rotting railroad trestles.

If we really need a separate 30A cart path that badly, why not put it where it can actually provide some usefulness for transportation? Put it where there's a high density of tourists and commercial activity. How about from Gulf Place to the west end of 30A? Then, extend along U.S. 98 to Grand Boulevard, passing Walmart and the huge commercial/apartment area under development on the north side of 98. 

The adventurous cart driver could even access Sandestin. Now that would be a cart path on steroids! 

Hey there friends of 30A, make yourselves heard on this issue before itís too late. Contact our newly elected District 5 Commissioner Cindy Meadows.

Roger Bonk

Grayton Beach