"Brocante" means "a second-hand store" in French. Visitors to such a place could expect to find a garage sale or flea market atmosphere.

But locals don’t have to go to France to experience it.

New shop owners Lydia Smith and her partner Teresa Farrar have opened Brocante in Miramar Beach on the south side of U.S. Highway 98 across from Sandestin. The store is located in the former location of J Miller and sports a burgundy store front with a gray striped awning.

Inside, shoppers will find much of the merchandise is second hand, but of the quality high-end variety.

"We are designing it as a high-end antique mall and consignment shop featuring furniture, home décor items, jewelry, upscale clothing, artwork, and locally made furniture," said Smith. "It's a different concept."

The clothing is gently worn (possibly only once or twice) and sparkly and includes minks and other furs.

Shoppers will also find candles, gifts, decorated holiday trees and other decorations.

Smith and Farrar worked together at Sandestin's Spa and Fitness Center for five years and grew to know many of the people who live on the golf resort property. And when it comes time to redecorate, the friends they made while working at the resort will think of them. Some already have.

In its 10,000-square feet, the two-story building is large enough that those who have enough items to sell are able to rent their own booth or space inside the store.

With a degree earned in fashion merchandising and design, Smith has always dreamed of striking out on her own in this type of venture. Joining forces with Farrar was a natural choice as Farrar has rented booth space for several years at various places.

"She has the antique-mall background, and as manager of the spa and fitness center, I have the business management background," said Smith of their perfect fit.

Brocante opened last week and is taking in new items daily.

Smith said no grand opening date has been set yet, but once all is arranged to their specifications one will be announced.

Brocante is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  The store is located at 9755 Hwy. 98 West in Miramar Beach. Call 424-6520 for more information.