Arbor Wealth’s McDowell featured in

Margaret R. McDowell, ChFC®, AIF®, firm founder and principal of the “Fee-Only” Registered Investment Advisory Firm Arbor Wealth Management, LLC, was featured in a Nov. 9 article by Lewis Braham entitled “Low Yields Force Seniors Into Stocks.”

“One possible compromise,” said Braham, “increase one’s equity allocation but invest only in high-quality, dividend-paying stocks that provide a reliable income stream,” a long-time investment specialty for Arbor Wealth Management.

“We see our current investment environment for retirees not as one where ‘cash is king’, but rather ‘cash flow is king,’ ” said McDowell.

“The stock markets will rise and fall-we can’t control that. We can control elements of a portfolio that deliver a tangible, spendable reward to shareholders in the form of regular dividends.”