Leaving the snowy Illinois winters behind four years ago, Jim Harrington made his move to Florida, where he encountered a new, different kind of weather worry hurricanes, and all of the vicious weather that comes with them, including thunderstorms, and excessive rain and wind.

"I was looking at pricing for storm shutters for my own home, and they seemed more expensive than they should be," said a frustrated Harrington.

That's when the newly retired Harrington, a former-stone quarry sales assistant, started his newest venture 30A Shutter Company.

Opening his business in Santa Rosa Beach allowed Harrington to operate with a lower overhead than most companies.

It also allowed him to buy locally, which is helpful on customers pocketbooks, without compromising on quality.

30A Shutter Company represents Eyewall Armour hurricane shutters which have been manufactured in Bay County for more than 15 years.

Harrington and his crew offer a large supply of window coverings and shutters to choose from including accordion, clear panel, roll down, colonial and Bahamas.

"Bahamas are the traditional hurricane or storm shutters that we're used to around here," said Harrington.

Gone are the days of boarding up windows with wood when you hear a hurricane is approaching. Harrington assures that once the shutters are in place, they are "easy" to operate windows are still operational and you can see through them with ease.

30A Shutters offers custom pricing on all of their shutters and their products are professionally installed by a licensed contractor.

Harrington, his wife Hilary and dog Duffy are proud to call Santa Rosa Beach home.

"We have been a part of the 30A community for approximately  20 years, owning our first property at Beachwood Villas," he said.

For a free estimate and competitive prices, contact 30A Shutter Company at 630-399-0073 or 30ashuttercompany@gmail.com.