James and Dr. Tanya Orr, who run Gentle Breeze Family Dentistry in Santa Rosa Beach on 30A, are making people smile all over the Emerald Coast — and for good reason. Life can be stressful, but going to the dentist doesn’t have to be.

They continue being a growing and successful dental practice. Their recipe for growth is by offering the right mix of comfort services, and now there are a few new reasons for visiting.

Special unique touches include cozy blankets, which help clients stay comfortable in the dental chair. They can then freshen up after the dentist’s visit with a warm scented towel, which helps make long-lasting impressions.

Complimentary beverages are available so if you arrive early for your appointment you can enjoy a freshly-brewed cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. A gourmet beverage is also a nice treat for parents during their child’s visit.

You can access the Internet anywhere in the office with free Wi-Fi to watch a movie, check your e-mail or just see what’s happening on Facebook or Twitter.

Even a treasure chest is filled with prizes for kids, because children often feel uneasy about going to the dentist, so this helps make their visits fun and memorable by letting them pick a prize after every appointment.

“The staff wants your visit to be surprisingly different and truly enjoyable,” says dentist Tanya Orr.

The office caters to a mix of families and an upscale patient clientele, which they find rewarding and is reflective of those who live on the 30A corridor, says James, Tanya’s husband.

And more than just the patients are happy that the Orrs offer dental care on 30A. Other business owners and non-profit groups are also smiling. James and Tanya try to set an example of giving back to the community with specific goals in mind.

“Our philosophy is community first, business second,” says James. “We truly love what we do, and want to use our dental practice for more than just offering dental services.”

As they enter their sixth year of service in Santa Rosa Beach, the couple knew even before they bought their dental practice that this area could use some extra help connecting those who provide social services with people who need them most.

“My husband and I are from small towns. Everyone knows their neighbor and helps each other out. Our main goal five years ago was to make our dental practice strong so we can give back to the community. We wanted to make an immediate yet long lasting impact,” Tanya sad. “We give donations, sponsor different organizations and local schools, give a hand to charities that help children with autistic or special needs, support and try to find homes for abandoned pets, and help victims of domestic violence. We meetfamilies who have devastating life-threatening illnesses or debilitating injuries, and we offer free services because it’s the right thing to do.

“When we give back, we can lay our heads down at night knowing we exhausted all avenues of seeking out and helping someone each and every day.”

While James helps with behind-the-scenes accounting, marketing and advertising, he is right up front and center about how even a dental office can extend a helping hand.

“Being an example of just two people and what we can individually give back while making a difference in someone’s life is really why we are in business to begin with,” James says. “When we hear about an organization doing charitable works, we seek them out ourselves to honor and acknowledge their good deeds, and we get excited just for the chance to assist them in any small way we can.”

 Gentle Breeze Family Dentistry is at 6880 W. Co Hwy 30A, Santa Rosa Beach FL 32459. Call them at (850)-267-3313 or Find them on the web at mygentlebreezedentistry.com for hours and appointments.