What a beautiful weekend we saw last week! Gorgeous for walking outdoors, and even on the beach! I enjoyed both.

While strolling Seaside last Saturday I ran into Bill and Heavenly Dawson, Lynn Nesmith, Leah Stroble, Willie Mason, and Judy Long sitting outdoors, soaking up some rays in front of the Airstreams. While there, I devoured my first yummy grilled mozzarella, tomato and basil sandwich from the Melt Down on 30A before trekking on to do some exploring around WaterColor. 

And then, of course, there was the Super Bowl. A big pot of homemade chili, Mexican dip, po' man's caviar, and red wine, of course, made for a nice settled-in evening of cheering on our favorite team.

That evening on Facebook, and the next day in the office, everyone was talking about their favorite commercials. For me, it was the Budweiser Clydesdale, and the cute Cars.com wolf cub scored a close second. Amazingly, no one I have talked to remembers the wolf cub but me. He was adorable! 

Hubba Hubba gave its 18th annual Red Bar performance Super Bowl Sunday and many supporters turned out to cheer  on the godfathers of 30A music (Duke Bardwell, Franko Jackson, and Billy Garrett), including some fellow musicians. The Dread Clampitts were there: Balder Saunders; Kyle Ogle and his wife, Jackie, and new baby, Luke; Kyle’s mom Nancy; Kenny Oliverio and April Poklemba; and John Reinlie, who sat in on drums and dueling washboards with Franko. Forrest and Pharrel Williams, Neil and Winona Sebree, Marcus and Whitney Buckner, Brian Wise, Ladie Bea and Wayne Carlisle, Buz and Susan Livingston, Oli Petit, Lauren Reinlie, Gail and Steve Underwood, Paul Masters, Billie Gaffrey, Dwight Ward, Eileen West and her niece Kelsey Foster, Shelly Swanger and Linda Gudnason, Paige and Mark Schnell also enjoyed.

Lisa Hinds held a grand opening reception at her new Gordie Hinds Contemporary Art Gallery last Saturday night. Susan Lucas, David and Sally Smith, Robin Beans, Michael Granberry, Ray and Vickie Dollar, Candace Abuvala, Claire Bannerman, Anne Lovell, JoAnn Graham, Lynn Nesmith, Catherine Dickson, Kelly and Billy Buzzett attended.

Tony Lange, Jane Soloman, and Julie McNabb were among the sell-out crowd at the Tasting of Champions held at Sandestin's Coral Ballroom last Saturday night.

Lynn Nesmith, Paige and Mark Schnell, Leah Stroble and Willie Mason attended the Seaside Prize ceremony last weekend.

Didon Comer's annual birthday bash drew out Barbara Riddick, Maunsel White, Dana Saffel, Donna Macdonald, Claudia Droy, Nina Horn, Hank White, Bert Summerville, Coop and Peggy Jones, Allison Wickey, Jim and Brenda Radtke, Payson Howard, Nancy McConnell, Mary Elsberry, Paul and Sandy Luchtefeld, and Beth Coppedge last weekend.

Eileen West, Cheri Peebles, Duke Bardwell, Shelly Swanger, and Buz and Susan Livingston had a good time listening to Kenny Oliverio's Birthday Band last weekend at Stinky's. Kenny had a little help from his friends: Lisa Steeno, Franko "Washboard" Jackson, and John Reinlie.

I enjoyed a great dinner at Tuscany in Destin last Tuesday night along with Ken Hair, David Seering, and John Stasko.

Congratulations to Valerie and Wayne Lofton who celebrated their 10th anniversary last weekend.

In travels, Lisa and Gerald Burwell are in New York City for Fashion Week.

Jimbo and Pam Holloway went to Cabo.

Susan Thornton went to Key West.

Wanda Duke and Suzy Spence went to St. Martin.

Just back from a road trip to New Orleans and Fairhope, Debbie Weant is now off to the Bahamas.

David and Lori Seering traveled to Grand Cayman for David to give a benefit performance.

Get well wishes go out to Donnie Sundal after an automobile accident.

Wish a "happy birthday" today to Betsy Bobo, Realtor Ron Friesen, and Kelly Roe.

Tomorrow to Dr. Dennis Lichorwic.

Monday to Katie Bonjean.

A "happy Mardi Gras" birthday on Tuesday goes out to Grace Marse, John Magee, Terry Sue LaNasa, and Bailey Miller.

Wednesday to Carole Bergstrom, and Jane Bahr.

And Friday to Interior Designer Gary Cooper, and artist Dot Long.

I wish you one and all a very sweet Valentine's Day on Thursday!

Peeps, please take note that I have a new email. The new one is the only one that is operational. I would like to continue hearing from you guys.

Deborah Wheeler is the arts and entertainment reporter for The Walton Sun. She may be reached at 654-8443 or email dwheeler@waltonsunonline.com. Party Line appears weekly in The Sun.