The Annual Winter Used Book Sale is scheduled for Feb. 22 and 23. Members of Friends of the Coastal Branch Library may shop at 3 p.m. on Friday. Doors open to the public from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday. Please drop off book donations Monday through Friday at the library. 

Your generous donations of used books for this sale make it possible to fund the purchase of new books for the library. As you know, our County budget for books, media and programs remains “zero.” Your $10 donation to join the Friends is not only tax deductible, but also helps support the Library.

At the annual meeting of the Friends on Jan. 29, the new budget was accepted, and new officers elected as follows:  Ainslie Carey, president; Kevin Yoshikowa, vice resident; LaDonna Wright, treasurer; Flo Perk, secretary.  We welcomed Melissa Brown, new board member in charge of art exhibits and thanked retiring members for their many years of service: Dorothy Starbuck, Lynn Abbit, Carol Dickson, Christine Burroughs.  If you are interested in serving on the Friends’ board of directors, please drop your resume off at the library with attention Flo Perk.

Our librarian Linda Thompson announced the schedule for some exciting programs this month, and encourages folks to check out the newly improved county website for details. The new library webpage is  Also, if you would like to be notified of Coastal Library submissions — click on Citizen Help Center> notify me> Coastal Library — and you will be notified directly of future events. 

One of the most innovative of these programs is modeled after the national project, READ, involving specially trained companion dogs to encourage the joy of children’s oral reading. Read more about it on the web. 

You’ll also want to know about the Wednesday Prime Time programs scheduled, as well as what the book club is reading, what new books are ordered, and shop in the friends’ gift shop. The gift shop sells gently used books, games, puzzles, etc., at bargain prices. All proceeds from the gift shop are donated to the library to purchase new books.

So, here’s the deal. Clean off your bookcases and drop off those previously read books at the library in time for the big sale! Then you’ll have lots of room to buy “new” books on Feb. 22 and 23!

“Give us books, give us wings”

Helen Mitchell is publicity chairperson of Friends of the Coastal Branch Library.