You probably would not credit Sir Isaac Newton, who died 175 years before the automobile put the old gray mare out to pasture, with knowing much about gas mileage, but he did. We can thank his second law of motion for informing us that the more weight we carry the more energy we expend. One of the cooler benefits of having a Walton County Snowbird membership card is the right to store items that are a nuisance to haul north and south and as Isaac reminds us, expensive, too, these days with a tank of gasoline running more than two score and ten.

While tipping a hat to Sir Isaac, tip it also to co-chairs Jerry Barton and Gary Nelson and their gang of dedicated men and women who keep snowbird goods safe until next season at Affordable Storage, 114 Sugar Drive one mile east of 30A on U.S. 98, south side. Store a container, a card table, or golf bag for the modest sum of $10; 20 bucks for a bicycle. Help someone in need by dropping off extra food with your goods. The storage team takes it to Caring and Sharing. Hours are 3-4 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 27 and Friday, 8, 15, 22 and 29. Give these special volunteers a shout-out wherever you see them:  Jerry Barton, Herman Block, Bruce and Kate Blundell, Bob Collins, Richard Hensen, Ian Keating, Bob Langeland, Gary Nelson, Stan Newby, Jim Newell, Bill Simmons, and David Smith.

Speaking of special, snowbirds won’t want to miss the March general meeting when snowbirds gather for the final occasion of what has been an outstanding season. Romeo’s Juliet, the literature’s most famous drama queen after Cleopatra, may have been a little over the top with her “Parting is such sweet sorrow” line but the sentiment applies easily to snowbirds who will wish one another a fond farewell on March 6, starting at 10 a.m. at Santa Rosa Beach Community Church, 3524 West U.S. 98. Attendees will collect great door prizes and enjoy a program presented by the Snowbird Singers who recently regaled a delighted audience with tunes from classic Broadway musicals. Also, the membership will elect next season’s officers. Candidates are:

President: Dom Trolian

Past President: Tom Schwichtenberg

Treasurer: John Beach

Assistant Treasurer: Jolene Girard

Secretary: Irene Hinds

1st Vice President: Dave Tudman and Kathy Nelson

2nd Vice President: Jean Weber

At Large Member: Ron Donkers

Information Officer: Bill Neidel

A combination of the Henry Mancini Band and the Sandestin Hilton’s spacious accommodations made for a grand annual Dinner Dance held on Valentine’s Day. Credit goes to Eva Mae Rice for organizing the annual event. 

Beth Sargent reports the team captained by Fran Seekely took first place and Bill Nusbaum’s team won the second spot. Helen Blair won Women’s longest drive. Tom Rajnovich won men’s longest drive.

Congratulations go to Ken Garr for scoring the first hole-in-one during this season’s league play. It happened at the Golf Garden’s 104-yard fifth hole. He also locked up closest to the pin on the same hole. During Valentine’s Day league play, a first place tie went to teams captained by Bill Pasel, Joe Raga, and Paul Tomlinson. Second place to Judy Kremer’s team.

A writing opportunity exists for those wishing to report snowbird news because the current writer of this column plans to apply his efforts elsewhere beginning with the next snowbird season. Interested writers should contact Tom Schwichtenberg at

Tom Mahar writes for the Walton County Snowbirds and can be reached at For Snowbird information,