Danny Margagliano is one of our own. Faced with a debilitating injury, which put him in a wheelchair, he turned to another one of our own.

Now he is smiling.

Dr. Tanya Orr and her staff at Gentle Breeze Family Dentistry, located on 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, are making Danny comfortable while he gets needed dental services. In the old tradition of helping your neighbors, Dr. Orr and her staff are truly receiving while giving. This is what they believe business is all about.

"I was a patient of hers before my accident. She was the first one I thought of when my teeth started hurting me," says Margagliano. "Her office and staff have been a blessing in disguise."

Many find going to Gentle Breeze Family Dentistry comfortable already. Yet in Danny's case, physical obstacles that may limit him at other businesses are not present at Dr. Orr’s office.   

"I like that they have a handicapped parking space and a ramp built up to the sidewalk. Also, the doors and hallways are wide enough for my wheelchair," Margagliano says. "They also accommodate my schedule and will change my appointments if I don't have transportation lined up, which really helps out a lot."

Dr. Orr continues, "It's quite challenging working on anyone in a wheelchair. It can be very stressful on both the staff and patient. Both of us have to work at it. With Danny especially though, we must go along at his pace. Yet we see changes in his smile and how happy he is having work done."

Margagliano says he is restarting his career as a Realtor and his focus is on sustaining his house, which is currently undergoing a full rehab to accommodate his wheelchair. Getting him on the road back from such a life-changing accident with a smile on his face is what Orr wanted to achieve.

“We know what he had been through and wanted to help any way we can,” Orr said. “Just seeing him smile every time he comes to the office helps warm our hearts.”

Orr and staff also help offset costs by donating extra needed crucial dental services not covered by insurance to ease his financial burden. You can support Danny Margagliano through continued donations by visiting his web site at www.donations4danny.com

“We know that it is such a strain on him and his family, so we wanted to do our part because we all belong to this community, and we all help out those who are in need.

“Danny is unique because his needs will forever be extended far beyond the initial accident and rehabilitation, which took place these last 11 months. We all are in it for the long haul and neighbors should support one another through good times and not so good ones as well,” Orr says.

Gentle Breeze Family Dentistry is located at 6880 W. Hwy 30A in Santa Rosa Beach. Visit them on the web at www.gentlebreezedental.comor call (850)-267-3313.