Walton County Tax Collector Rhonda Skipper was presented with the Excellence in Finance Operations Legacy Award by the Florida Tax Collector’s Association at the Fall Education Forum recently. The award recognizes offices that have achieved innovation, customer focus, a well-managed budget and clean audit in the finance operations of the office, and that previously were recognized with the Excellence in Finance Operations Award. Approximately 12 of the 67 tax collectors in Florida received this honor.

“We have a fantastic finance team that works diligently to ensure we are innovating in our daily work processes to reduce redundancy and ensure accuracy,” said Tax Collector Rhonda Skipper. “In our office everyone contributes to the financial accountability and stewardship of our office, which are two of our strategic priorities. However, Finance Director Jim Morrison and Finance Officer Nathan Thomas ensure every penny is accounted for and accounts are balanced daily. Over the past few months this team has streamlined work processes to significantly reduce processing and manual entry time all the while reducing the opportunity for errors. We’re very proud of them and they are very deserving of this recognition.”

A Certificate of Merit, clean audits with no management letter comments, was also presented to Walton County.

The Walton County Tax Collector’s office focuses on four strategic priorities: Customer Focus, Accountability and Accuracy, Relentless Pursuit of Improvement, and Empowered and Engaged Workforce.

More information on the strategic plan of the office can be obtained at waltoncountytaxcollector.blogspot.com.