Morgan Autrey, Freeport High School graduate of the class of 2012, never knew her abilities could take her so far.

During her senior year of high school, Mike and Kris Moras of Designer Kitchen & Baths, Inc. of Northwest Florida contacted Morgan. They contacted Sharie Smith, Morgan’s technology teacher, to see if she had a student who could work for them to input data, and she said that she had a student in mind that would be excellent for the job.

Only achieving Microsoft office specialist status a year ago, Morgan started work for Designer Kitchen & Baths, Inc. in February of 2012. Mike and Kris Moras had no idea the student selected would make such an impact on their corporation.

The original plan was to have her temporarily assigned to input prices for the new dealer catalog that was going to be used nationwide for their new company, NatureKast. Within a few days of Morgan’s employment, it became apparent to the Moras that she was extraordinary. Morgan came on board exhibiting the skills and professionalism that would take the marketing pieces to the next level.

Instrumental in the early stages of the catalog design, Morgan successfully created and streamlined a complex catalog into a user-friendly design for their NatureKast dealers. The catalog was only the beginning of multiple products she would create for Mike and Kris Moras. During her time there, before the age of 18, Morgan accomplished completing two websites, brochures, and catalogs. Moreover, she created everything for the company by hand.

Her perfectionism led to her drawing out dimensions for products and making order forms from scratch, even adding each check box to make sure they were perfectly placed. All these items are part of two new outdoor product lines: NatureKast Outdoor Cabinetry and InsideOut Hoods. ( and

The 17 year old instantly became an integral player on the corporate team. Morgan made decisions and recommendations on all the marketing pieces that were created, so her role as an employee seemed to be more like a colleague. Rarely does someone so young posses the unique ingredients that contribute to change the path of a corporation.

Morgan’s dedication and determination to succeed kept her finding time between school, homework, and the gym to give all the time she could for the company. Morgan says she feels so honored to have had this opportunity, and on top of that to work for such amazing people. Not only did Mike and Kris Moras make her feel like part of the company, but also so did her fellow co-worker Amanda Parrott (aka “commander and chief”).

Morgan said she was so grateful for Sharie Smith to even consider her for the job, and for being a fantastic teacher. Although Morgan has the expertise to do this for a living, she is choosing to follow her aspiration of going into neuroscience research with a background in genetics by studying at the University of South Florida in Tampa, starting in the fall of this year.