The last nest has hatched for the sea turtle year 2012 for the South Walton Turtle Watch Group, and I would like to thank all the people who helped make this year a banner one for us. 

First and foremost the volunteers for all of there tireless walking, monitoring, and for getting up so early to do it all. 

The TDC and especially the TDC Beach people. They are always there and always ready to help.  Jeff McVay for all his time and work. The vendors who followed the rules and allowed us to do our morning monitors so that they could get on the beach in a timely manner. 

The Beach Patrol for all of their help and understanding. The lifeguards who call when anything turtle takes place and who with a call, saved 70 sea turtle eggs so that they could be reburied and go on to hatch. 

The fire department for working with us when bonfire permits were issued. 

To all who live and visit South Walton County for handing out our literature, keeping your beachfront lights off, changing your lighting fixtures, and for using red light emitting flashlights on the beach. 

It is so nice to work with you all to help this wonderful endangered species.

Sharon  Maxwell

South Walton Turtle Watch