On Oct. 31, the Walton County Tax Collector’s Office will mail out the 2012 Tax Bills. Property owners paying in November will receive a 4 percent discount. The Walton County Tax Collector’s office urges property owners who haven’t receive a bill by the second week in November to contact the office at 850-892-8121 or through the contact us page at Waltontaxcollector.com.

Property owners will receive a discount for early payment. Discount amounts are applied and reflected on the bill. The following discounts apply to property tax payments:

• Nov. 30: Payments postmarked by the 30th will receive a 4 percent discount.

• Dec. 31: Payments postmarked by the 31st will receive a 3 percent discount.

• Jan 31:  Payments postmarked by the 31st will receive a 2 percent discount.

• Feb. 29: Payments postmarked by the 29th will receive a 2 percent discount.

• March 31: No discount is received and no penalty is applied to the account.

• After March 31: Penalties are applied to the account.

The 2012 Walton County Tax Roll totals $109,648,884.79 and includes 91,651 parcels.

Property owners can pay by mail, in person or online. Online payments can be made at waltontaxcollector.com. A 2.5 percent convenience fee is applied to all credit/debit card payments. The convenience fee is collected by the payment processor and is not a fee remitted to the Tax Collector’s Office.