Those who waited two and a half hours to discuss the Lupin Beach development with their commissioners went away from Tuesday’s BCC meeting without closure.

Further discussion of the development was delayed until December’s South Walton-located BCC meeting, and the next time, it will be brought before three new commissioners.

The sitting commissioners initially approved plans for the development in 2010, then sent the plans for the 20-home Lupin Beach neighborhood off Walton Magnolia Lane in Inlet Beach to the planning commission.

On Oct. 11 of this year, the Walton County Planning Board approved the technical aspects of the project, including roadways and utilities, and told those in opposition to bring up their complaints with the commissioners Nov. 13. Now the date to dissent will be Dec. 11.

The developer of this plot is Alys Beach town planner Jason Comer, whose family has for decades owned the 6.36-acre plot. Comer remembers visiting when the his family owned what is now Camp Helen State Park and the whole Inlet Beach area was a mere six or seven houses. One of the houses the family visited still stands on the beachfront land, and is known by the name “Lupin.”

Neighbors say the development violates Florida and county measures to protect the primary dunes, which have kept existing structures undamaged through past hurricanes.

The Lupin Beach discussion will continue next month on Dec. 11 during a quasi-judicial session following the regularly scheduled BCC meeting at 4 p.m. at the South Walton Courthouse Annex.