I like Thanksgiving columns. With short deadlines I get to pretend Iím a real newspaper guy Ö an Underwood typewriter, a bottle of bourbon in the desk drawer and an ashtray piled with cigarette butts ó Mamaís nightmare. 

Iím thankful for 529 college savings plans. I did not know Suzanna Jamesí first ETF would be so special.

Iím thankful the Georgia Bulldogs wrapped up the SEC East in Auburn. Winning on the road is always tough ó Spurrier never won in Tallahassee. If Georgia had lost then Florida would be SEC East Champs; it was like winning twice in one day. While Georgia is playing extremely well I do not like the pending four-team playoff. The players will only get crumbs while the NCAA and promoters make out handsomely. 

Iím thankful for Anita Page: Imagine what this county would look like without her. Please join the South Walton Community Council, tax-deductible dues start at $40 annually and support her work (www.southwaltoncc.org). To the artists and businesses that supported SWCCís Back to Nature Festival: You have my gratitude.

Iím thankful for yoga and asset allocation ó both work. Iím thankful when a client looks across the desk and says, ďThis is what Iíve been looking for.Ē Iím thankful when I find what Iím looking for, too.

Iím thankful for John, The Cranky Yankee. My garden has never been better. Iím thankful for Chanís at Watercolor; their Tillamook cheese melted on my hot peppers is an epicureanís delight and I donít have to share it with my wife.

Daughters and granddaughters are nice, and Iím thankful for a daughter-in-law, too. 

Iím thankful for spell-check; I wish it were dumb check but thatís a bridge too far.

Iím thankful for John Bogle and Zvi Bodie.

Iím thankful for Elizabeth Warren; the financial services industry loathes her while they exploit consumers.  The Consumer Financial Protection Board, if properly funded, will benefit Americans. To be fair and balanced (really), good riddance to Barney Frank. Frank, in concert with Senator Tom Harkin, parachuted language into the Dodd-Frank bill, allowing a particularly despicable annuity new life.

Iím thankful Humana sent health insurance premium rebates. I will be thankful if our daughter can find an individual health insurance policy, a chronic health condition and Texas politicians being what they are. Iím thankful my nephew can stay on his motherís health insurance, although it forces my sister-in-law to keep a job she hates.

Iím thankful for Forrest Williamsí new CD and for all the girls and boys who make the noise up and down 30A.

Iím thankful for the Seaside Rep. Check out their Christmas shows.  Iím thankful I can watch the Tech game over breakfast with my son in California.

Iím especially thankful youíve read this far and Iím thankful for Honey.

Buz Livingston, CFP offers hourly financial planning and fee-only investment management to clients along Floridaís Emerald Coast.  He can be reached at 267-1068,Buz@LivingstonFinancial.netor www.LivingstonFinancial.net