Our golden retriever, Clarence, was in critical care at Veterinary Emergency Referral Center, 60 miles from our home in Santa Rosa Beach, this past April.

We received a call from the hospital needing an over the counter drug to help with his vertigo due to vestibular disease. The hospital did not have this medication and, due to rules, no one could leave the premises to pick it up from the local Publix Pharmacy on Ninth Street. We wanted to get our beloved dog relief as soon as possible but were almost two hours away.

I called my local Publix pharmacy in South Walton and was given contact information for Kimberly, the Publix pharmacist at a nearby location in Pensacola. I contacted Kimberly, who was working alone (Sunday morning) but said as soon as her assistant came in she would run the medication over to the hospital to our great relief. 

Kimberly had purchased it off the shelf and it was at the animal hospital within the hour. We are so grateful to Publix and their employees. Here is the photo of Kimberly at her pharmacy with a picture of Clarence. He was unable to recover due to his age or another cause of the disease, but we had the comfort knowing he was receiving the best possible care.  

The kindness and compassion Kimberly displayed for us, total strangers, and our beloved pet was amazing and we will never forget it.


Fred and Debra Betz,

Santa Rosa Beach