Big plays and being a part of the team is what keeps Sage Roberts suiting up every week.

Roberts, a senior slot receiver for the South Walton Seahawks, got the chance to make a couple of big plays last week when he scored the only two touchdowns for the Seahawks in their game against the Blountstown Tigers.

Roberts, who had eight catches Friday night, was on the receiving end of a 17-yard pass from Johnathon Ortner in the middle of the end zone and then later in the game he caught about a 20-yard pass and then took it on in for a 58-yard score.

"I like big plays," Roberts said. "I like looking good and scoring touchdowns and helping the team out. It's always fun," he chuckled.

"Gotta help the team out. These guys are like my brothers, he added

Roberts, the 17-year-old son of Erika Roberts and stepfather Nick Brokaw, got his first taste of football from family.

"Ever since I was a little kid me and my grandpa would play catch when I would go over to his house," Roberts said. "I always loved to play receiver and catch the ball. It's always been my thing."

He started playing football six years ago in the youth league at Helen McCall Park. He spent two years in the youth league and then one year at Emerald Coast Middle School in the slot back position.

Today the 6-foot-1,185-pounder fills the slot receiver position for the Seahawks. In four games, he has caught 23 passes for 323 yards and four touchdowns, with his longest coming last week, the 58-yarder.

"Sage is an incredibly smart player with unbelievable hands," said South Walton Coach Phil Tisa. "He can do pretty much anything on the field."

In addition to offense, Roberts plays a little linebacker on defense as well.

"When I was a little kid I liked to play defense, but once I got into high school I liked offense a lot better," Roberts said.

Roberts, who also plays baseball for South Walton, does have hopes to play ball after high school.

"Football or baseball, whichever one comes," he said. "Just anything that will help me out to get to the next level."