Terry Rhodes is hoping for a post-Christmas miracle.

Like many, the recession hit Rhodes hard. All his life, he had played his guitar and rock 'n roll music while taking house-painting jobs on the side just to get by.

But after the real estate bust, those opportunities were difficult to come by. With no other skills to employ, Rhodes turned to something he had left dormant for many years: creating artwork with his paints. He had dabbled in artistic expression in the 1990s but he put it aside as the housing market boomed.

A mutual friend who is also an artist brought a sample of Rhodes' work to Eileen West, who is gallery director at Grayt Grounds of Monet Monet. West was impressed.

"It's 'outsider' art," said West. "He's self taught and doing as many before him have done, such as the late great Woodie Long, who was also a house painter before picking up a canvas."

West calls Rhodes' work "dramatic" and "outrageously good."

He paints his seascapes and beach scenes with acrylics.

West and Grayt Grounds proprietor Cheri Peebles were so impressed that they asked to represent Rhodes' work at Grayt Grounds and offered him a solo one-man show. The show debuted Dec. 21 and his 26-pieces of work are being shown exclusively for two weeks. After that, Grayt Grounds will continue to exhibit select pieces of his artwork.

Grayt Grounds of Monet Monet is located at 100 County Road 30A in Grayton. Phone 231-1090 for more information.