I fear that Mr. Hart has had a mental lapse. I donít usually read his column. Too much like FOX News with the fear and lies. His mention of Hillary Clinton and her health interested me. 

But wait. Did his astute memory forget Dick Cheney? The man had no heart, literally. How many heart attacks did the man have? How bad was his eyesight that he shot a friend in the face? Really, now, was Dick attacked about that?

It was Dick and his Halliburton company that so desired the oil in Iraq that so many died, both our young men and women and the citizens of Iraq over the last 14 years.

Also I realize that you have a problem with the ACA. In the Sun newspaper on Saturday, March 8, there was a fantastic article about the ACA. I hope you read it.

I really wish our area could have an unbiased column sometimes.


Barbara Marasia

Miramar Beach