When Santa Rosa Beach real estate broker Blake Morar started planning a home for his family of three, he knew he needed a comfortable, livable home for himself and two young sons. He also wanted to capture the essence of life on 30A. Blake set out to build a 2,300 square foot home along the coastal dune lake of Draper Lake and assembled a team and documented the process from beginning to end.

This dream team includes designer Erika Powell of Urban Grace Interiors, architect Geoff Chick of Geoff Chick & Associates, contractor Burt Cosson of Eucheeana Valley Construction and videographer Derek Makekau of 20/30 North Studios. 

“There is good talent in this area,” says Morar, “but there is some great talent in this area and to be able to find Erika and Geoff and bring in Burt to actually execute the plan, really turned out to be a great team effort.”

“We realized we had these incredible views of the coastal dune lake so we really wanted to get the living spaces up on the second floor,” says Chick. According to Blake, “A client once told me when they were designing their house, they spent most of their budget on the common areas because really you want people out of their bedrooms in the common area enjoying each other and the view.”

In this case, the standout view includes everything from the lush vegetation along the shores, to the glistening water of Draper Lake all the way to the Gulf of Mexico on the horizon.

In designing a house to fit the active lifestyle of Morar and his two boys, Powell underscored that Urban Grace’s main focus is detail.

“We want to make sure everything is perfect because our client has to live with that every single day. What’s so fun about Draper Lake is it’s got this more natural, woodsy house, which for a long-term residence, it’s livable and comfortable. You’re not going to get tired of the finishes on account of it being more neutral and understated.”  

With such a pristine environment surrounding the house, the construction team worked diligently to build around the natural elements without disturbing them.  “Protecting the environment as much as possible…it’s quite a challenge… So far, we’ve managed to do that,” says Cosson.

To Morar, it’s an effort well worth it as he considers the neighborhood something of a hideout. “You’re right on 30A in Blue Mountain Beach and people pass by all day but never really know it’s here. It’s also extremely close to my office. I can walk there.”

“I think what’s special about living on 30A is that all these neighborhoods and developments have really tried to respect the environment,” says Chick.

Truly exemplifying the live/work/play model, Morar says, “Last Monday, I walked down to the boathouse and was paddling on my YOLO board by 6:30 in the morning and paddled to the Gulf and was paddling with three or four pods of dolphins that were feeding on baitfish and diving for sand dollars all before I walked to work. Having Draper Lake as our backdrop is a pretty phenomenal experience.”

To view the full “Our 30A Home” video, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcJ6sLrCjS8&feature=youtu.be.