The kids went back to school this week, the tourists are gone, and locals have their beach back. Yay!

This is the best time of year, isn't it?

Now, if only the heat would let up a little.

As we were working on Alys Beach this week, I enjoyed the opportunity to go out there for a visit. I think the town gets more beautiful every time I see it.

It was good to get to spend time with George Hartley again and be entertained a bit.

While I was at George's I ran into Carol Foster, and saw Hank White enjoying a bit of lunch.

I enjoyed a great Italian dinner at the home of Michele and Jack Silberman last Friday night. Nothing better than an Italian meal prepared by an Italian. Yum!

Mark Thompson said he chatted with Shannen Doherty at the Red Bar on Monday. Celebrity central.

Nancy Abood is back home from Detroit, where she participated in the city's Susan G. Komen 3 Day/60 Mile Walk with her sisters.

Susan Benton's son Reed is off on an epic adventure of spending a semester in France.

Lisa and Gerald Burwell are in Ireland launching their new publication there.

Vickie and Ray Dollar visited Portland, Maine.

Donna and Gus Andrews to a trip to Nola.

Nan and Richard Jacobs went to Traverse City, Mich.

Buz and Susan Livingston went to Newport Beach, Calif.

Ann and Duaine Kief took a trip through Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, and Gatlinburg.

Charles and Robin Wiesneth are enjoying a trip through rural, northwest Georgia.

Jason and Kelli Siler went to Bozeman for a wedding and visited Cody, Wy.

Congratulations to Tricia and James Sloan, who celebrated 40 years of marriage this week.

Wish a "happy birthday" on Saturday to Doug Kocour, stomper Robert DeMars, artist Lisa Hinds, and musician Ted Cobena.

On Sunday to Bill Freeze, Peggy Sue Mullen, Jim Rester, Mike Adkinson, Barbara Lovell, and Mike Huckabee.

Monday to Tom Rymer, Lea Capers, and Nancy Bown.

Wednesday to Hilda McDonald, Art McLellan, and Nancy Abood.

Thursday Colleen Coffield, and Nancy Cottle.

And Friday to Jan Schott, Jennifer Howard, Shari Roberts, and Cassie Cox.


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