Boxers or briefs is a long debated question.

For some, it's a quick, easy answer.

However, for others, it's tough to decide as both have advantages.

Now, you don't have to choose, thanks to Rosemary Beach resident Jackie Hart.

Hart has designed a line of boxer-briefs for men and women, launching the line under the tongue-in-cheek brand name "Private Holdings."

Hart said her venture into unchartered territory began in December when her husband came home and said he didn't like wearing boxers any more and started wearing "tightie whities."

However, the hubs wanted to continue walking around the house in his underwear, which set off the bells of ingenuity ringing in Hart's head.

She took a pair of his tighties and sewed them inside a pair of boxers, and Private Holdings was born.

"They are a combination of tighties and boxers for the guy who likes the feel of a brief but with the look of a boxer. Kinda like a bathing suit," she said.

Hart said her product is made of a soft pima cotton that makes them ultra soft inside and providing support, but with no peek a boo, making the perfect for men or women to wear around the house.

Her husband likes the product and is helping by coming up with names for the various lines, such as bagging your groceries.

Hart said the product will also be helpful for those who have undergone prostate surgery and need to wear pads.

"It will help those men by giving the support they need, like a Spanx for men," she said.

The Harts' daughter Hollis has also come on board in the venture as COO, making it a family affair.

A website will be launched in November, enabling buyers to purchase online, and the Harts are talking to people on 30A to find a vendor.

Launch parties are also planned.