DESTIN — Hundreds of fans couldn’t resist the chance to meet “Today” show co-host Kathie Lee Gifford on Saturday and sample her new wine collection at Whole Foods Market.

Gifford, in partnership with California’s Scheid Family Wines, has created her GIFFT line of Red Blend, Pinot Noir Rose and her favorite, Chardonnay.

“I love the Chardonnays from California —light, fresh and fruity as opposed to the heavier and oaky Chardonnays that are around today,” she said.

Gifford plans to add a Pinot Grigio to the collection soon.

“The new Pinot Grigio is the best I had in my life,” she said. “It’s heavenly.”

Gifford has been to Destin before and said she enjoys every trip.

“It’s such a beautiful place to visit and it is really great to be here,” she said.

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Christel Giles of Destin was one of the first people in line to meet Gifford.

“I have been a lifetime fan of Kathie,” Giles said. “Especially of her (‘Today’) show.

Giles said she planned to buy four cases of wine to give out as gifts to family members.

Allison Jones, also of Destin, said she thinks Gifford is hilarious and a good role model for working women.

“She is such a giving and positive person who is always thinking of others,” she said. “She is honest (and) always tells people the truth.”

After meeting Gifford, Shirlee Lee said she can cross Gifford off her bucket list.

Lee came from Memphis, Tenn., to Santa Rosa Beach to visit her daughter, Amber, but made sure to arrive a couple days early just to meet Gifford.

“She is a type of woman everyone aspires to be like,” Lee said. “I aspired to be like her.”