Here’s to hoping you and your kids don’t have a fear of heights because Aerial Entertainment just opened at Seascape Towne Center, and it is a great outdoor experience for kids (and adults) of all ages.

Aerial Entertainment offers a three-part adventure. There is the Sky Trail climbing element, the Stairway to Heaven clip and climb obstacle course and the Golf Chipping Challenge.

Owner Russ Scott said the new outdoor entertainment business was a perfect fit for his company, as he also owns Baytowne Adventure Zone in the Village of Baytowne Wharf.

“The merchant mix was important to us, having Thrills Laser Tag and Moo-La-La,” Scott said. “We all work together real well in the Village, too, and you can’t beat the location here on (U.S. Highway) 98 between Destin and Sandestin.”

Scott added that for Aerial Entertainment he chose the newest ropes course elements and the most innovative obstacle course he could find.

“The Sky Trail has the newest elements of rope courses, such as the rolling log bridge and some of the barrels. We are one of the first in the country to have those elements. We are also the first Stairway to Heaven that has been installed outdoors. They are usually indoors elements.”

The Stairway to Heaven obstacle course is a series of large poles that grow ever taller until they reach 21 feet in the air. The climber is clipped into a harness and must navigate the poles to the top, then jump down using the rope they are attached to. The outdoor element can cause an additional challenge as the taller poles sway slightly in the wind.

As for the ropes course, the two-level course sits 34 feet in the air and offers climbers a series of choices on directions and challenges. Climbers are strapped into a harness and use an attached rope to navigate the course, ensuring safety.

“What we find is that kids like ropes courses and will try multiple ropes courses if they have different elements,” said Scott. “This one, for example, is over the water.”

The Golf Chipping Challenge is a hit for both children and adults, given the proximity to the Seascape Golf Resort.

“You have five shots to make it into the bucket, which is on the island in the middle of the pond,” said Scott. “If you make one then you get a prize. We have different prizes for adults and children.”

So whatever your age, you are sure to find a challenge at Aerial Entertainment, and who knows, you may just win a prize!