MIRAMAR BEACH —  A video by Birds iView, a local advertising and marketing company, recently captured a serene view of a hammerhead shark swimming in the gulf.

The aerial footage shows the shark, estimated to be 10 to 12 feet in length, swimming near a school of bait fish as beachgoers crowded the edge of the water.

The video was posted on Facebook by Birds iView and has over 100,000 views and over one thousand shares. The post was written to ease people's minds about sharks in our local waterways.

"A 10-12’ Hammerhead Shark strolled the beach today on the Emerald Coast of Florida. They are not interested in people he most likely was looking for an easy lunch like a stingray or some recently spotted bait balls near the reef. 

Thanks Beach Services I.N.C for the tip." - Birds iView