Ranking the Top 20 television shows of all-time set in Florida.

We've given the very best movies set in Florida plenty of love.

Now it's time for the television heavyweights to get their due.

Plenty of great shows have been set in Florida, enough that making a list of the very best included some tough decisions. And while the ones at the top might not surprise you, there's sure to be some new discoveries on our list that you can add to your next binge-watching experience.

A few tidbits on what qualified for the list — a show didn't have to be set in Florida for its entire run to make the list, but it did have to have at least one season exclusively set in Florida in order to qualify. Also, some of the shows on the list were actually filmed in California but set in Florida. Most notably, this was done for the entire run of “I Dream of Jeannie” (No. 9).

Oh, and no reality television shows were considered. Only scripted.

Check out our list of the Top 20 television shows set in Florida — 17 of which are currently available via streaming services:

20. Silk Stalkings

Premiere: Nov. 7, 1991 (CBS)

Number of Seasons: 8 (176 episodes)

Creator: Stephen J. Cannell

Starring: Rob Estes, Misti Kapture, Ben Vereen, Charlie Brill, Chris Potter, Janet Gunn

Where We Be?: Palm Beach

Best Episode: "Killer Cop" (Season 3, Episode 11)

How'd it End?: Real Stalkings-heads know that it really ended after Sgt. Chris Lorenzo's murder at the end of the fourth season — just one episode after he married longtime partner Sgt. Rita Lance in the previous episode.

Legacy: The show as a trendsetter in several ways first in that it leaped networks from CBS to USA after two seasons, something that happens quite a bit now when streaming services will pick up a show from networks. Second, its original leads, Rob Estes and Misti Kapture, alternated who got lead billing week-to-week.

Co-MVPs: Rob Estes and Misti Kapture. The original Silk Stalkings duo were the ones who made the show what it was, and knocked off

Streaming On: Hulu

19. The Glades

Premiere: July 11, 2010 (A&E)

Number of Seasons: 4 (49 episodes)

Creator: Clifton Campbell

Starring: Matt Passmore, Kiele Sanchez, Carlos Gomez, Uriah Shelton, Jordan Wall, Michelle Hurd

Where We Be?: Palm Glade (fictional)

Best Episode: "Beached" (Season 2, Episode 11)

How'd it End?: Canceled after four seasons, The Glades ended on an all-time cliffhanger. Main character Jim Longworth (Matt Passmore), a former Chicago homicide detective and Florida Department of Law Enforcement agent shot twice in the chest in his home as his friends, family and fiancée wait for him — at his wedding.

Legacy: The Glades was a great show that aired on a little-seen network and got in the mix right before the streaming revolution hit. Just one or two years later and this is a show that Netflix, Amazon or Hulu gobbles up for its services. Still made it four seasons and was warmly received critically.

MVP: Passmore. As the show's main character, it's Passmore who guides the ship and does a great job of creating the fish-out-of-water dynamic for the east coast cop Jim Longworth.

Streaming On: Hulu

18. Que Pasa USA?

Premiere: May 8, 1977 (PBS)

Number of Seasons: 4 (39 episodes)

Creator: Manny Mendoza

Starring: Ana Margarita Martinez-Casado, Manolo Villaverde, Velia Martinez, Luis Oquendo, Steven Bauer

Where We Be?: Miami

Best Episode: "Joe Goes to the Hospital" (Season 2, Episode 4)

How'd it End?: The show was canceled after four seasons, so they didn't really get a fitting, actual series finale, but it does end on a good note with the Pena's youngest son talked out of dropping out of high school.

Legacy: The story of the Penas, a Cuban-American family living in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood, was groundbreaking as the first sitcom from PBS and the first bilingual sitcom in U.S. television history. It started as a local production for Miami's PBS affiliate and ended up on 121 different stations.

MVP: Steven Bauer. He was the breakout star of the show and ended up co-starring in the Miami drug epic Scarface, with Al Pacino.

Streaming On: Nope

17. Empty Nest

Premiere: Oct. 8, 1988 (NBC)

Number of Seasons: 7 (170 episodes)

Creator: Susan Harris

Starring: Richard Mulligan, Kristy McNichol, Dinah Manoff, David Leisure, Park Overall, Paul Provenza, Lisa Rieffel, Marsha Warfield, Estelle Getty

Where We Be?: Miami

Best Episode: "A Life in a Day" (Season 1, Episode 22)

How'd it End?: Pretty quaintly, with a double wedding and Dr. Harry Weston (Mulligan) deciding he wants to sell his house in Miami and move to Vermont for a teaching position. In a weird twist, the family's dog, Dreyfuss, is revealed to have the ability to speak.

Legacy: Empty Nest was a Top 10 ratings hit that spun off from another Top 10 hit created by Susan Harris — The Golden Girls. Of all the spin-offs from The Golden Girls universe — Nurses, The Golden Palace and Empty Nest — this was the best of those shows.

MVP: David Leisure. Think of Leisure's character of Charlie Dietz, Mulligan's annoying neighbor, as the adult version of Eddie Haskell. He was also the most consistently funny part of the show.

Streaming On: Nope

16. Invasion

Premiere: Sept. 21, 2005 (ABC)

Number of Seasons: 1 (22 episodes)

Creator: Shaun Cassidy

Starring: William Fichtner, Eddie Cibrian

Where We Be?: Homestead

Best Episode: "Origin of Species" (Season 1, Episode 10)

How'd it End?: The show was originally conceived to last five seasons, so it ends on a pretty enormous cliffhanger before it was canceled. ABC was doubling down on it success from Lost with Invasion and it didn't pan out.

Legacy: A real-life tragedy essentially ended Invasion before it started. Following Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the show's advertising was pulled or revamped and it gave no mention of a hurricane - both the inciting and final incidents in the first and only season.

MVP: Eddie Cibrian. ABC thought it could build a large-scale, sci-fi epic based around Cibrian and he does his part in the first season of showing he's capable.

Streaming On: Nope

15. Flipper

Premiere: Sept. 19, 1964 (NBC)

Number of Seasons: 3 (88 episodes)

Creators: Jack Cowden and Ricou Browning

Starring: Brian Kelly, Luke Halpin, Tommy Norden, Flipper (various dolphins)

Where We Be?: Coral Key (fictional)

Best Episode: "Coral Fever" (Season 2, Episode 5)

How'd it End?: The show ends with Flipper's two best buds, brothers Sandy and Bud Ricks, leaving Coral Key to join the military and go away to boarding school.

Legacy: This show was a ginormous hit in the 1960s and inspired a dolphin craze and made millions for NBC with merchandising — Flipper toys, shirts and hats. It's been referred to as the "aquatic Lassie" because of its popularity.

MVP: Flipper. The dolphins made the show, and there ain't a show without the dolphins.

Streaming On: Vudu

14. Burn Notice

Premiere: June 28, 2007 (USA Network)

Number of Seasons: 7 (111 episodes)

Creator: Matt Nix

Starring: Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar, Bruce Campbell, Sharon Gless

Where We Be?: Miami

Best Episode: "Friendly Fire" (Season 3, Episode 11)

How'd it End?: Main character Michael Westen and his girlfriend, Fiona, make a grand getaway and live happily ever after in Ireland, raising Westen's younger brother's son as their own

Legacy: While Burn Notice is definitely its own thing, its hard to separate it from the era of other USA Network comedy-dramas like White Collar, Royal Pains, Suits and Psych.

MVP: Jeffrey Donovan. The whole show is based around his portrayal of cast-out CIA agent Michael Westen and earned consistent critical praise throughout all seven seasons.

Streaming On: Hulu, Amazon Prime

13. American Horror Story: Freak Show

Premiere: Oct. 8, 2014 (FX)

Number of Seasons: 1 (13 episodes)

Creator: Ryan Murphy

Starring: Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Michael Chiklis, Frances Conroy, Denis O'Hare, Emma Roberts, Finn Wittrock, Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates, Jessica Lange

Where We Be?: Jupiter

Best Episode: "Monsters Among Us" (Episode 1)

How'd it End?: We could try to explain this to you, but that would ruin the fun. And we don't want to have to try and explain that type of absolute craziness.

Legacy: The most-honored season of AHS to date with 12 Emmy nominations, including six for acting. This was also the most-watched show in FX history when it debuted to a staggering 6.1 million viewers. The first of three shows from Ryan Murphy to make the list.

MVP: Sarah Paulson. She steals the show as conjoined twins Bet and Dotte, and it's not even her best role in a Ryan Murphy-led show. That would be her turn as Marcia Clark in The People vs. O.J. Simpson.

Streaming On: Netflix, Hulu

12. Claws

Premiere: June 11, 2017 (TNT)

Number of Seasons: 3 (30 episodes)

Creator: Eliot Laurence

Starring: Niecy Nash, Carrie Preston, Judy Reyes, Karrueche Tran, Jenn Lyon, Jack Kesy, Kevin Rankin, Harold Perrineau, Dean Norris

Where We Be?: Palmetto

Best Episode: "Bats**t" (Season 1, Episode 5)

How'd it End?: Claws was renewed for a fourth and final season in Oct. 2019.

Legacy: While Claws' complete legacy is still being defined because it's still on the air, it's hard to deny that the show is getting better with time. It's also doing the thing a lot of other shows should have done — leaving while there's still gas in the tank. Four seasons is perfect.

MVP: Niecy Nash. Her role as nail salon owner/burgeoning mafioso Desna Simms is a career-maker.

Streaming On: Hulu, YouTube TV

11. Ballers

Premiere: June 21, 2015 (HBO)

Number of Seasons: 5 (47 episodes)

Creator: Stephen Levinson

Starring: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Rob Corddry, John David Washington, Omar Miller, Donovan W. Carter, Troy Garity, London Brown, Arielle Kebbel

Where We Be?: Miami

Best Episode: "Game Day" (Season 2, Episode 10)

How'd it End?: If you like happy endings, this show is for you. It took the time to get all of its main characters in the exact place they wanted to be and, most importantly, mended fences between Spencer (The Rock) and Joe (Corddry).

Legacy: Ballers filled the void left in HBO's lineup with the exit of Entourage and did an admirable job doing so. In the future, it will likely be remembered as the way most audiences were introduced to John David Washington, the star of Spike Lee's Oscar-winning film Black Klansmannn and next year's Christopher Nolan sci-fi epic Tenet.

MVP: Rob Corddry. His work as financial advisor Joe Krutel gave the show a certain type of manic, comedy energy it needed, not unlike Jeremy Piven's turn as Ari Gold in Entourage.

Streaming On: Hulu, HBO

10. Fresh Off the Boat

Premiere: Feb. 4, 2015 (ABC)

Number of Seasons: 6 (116 episodes)

Creators: Eddie Huang and Nahnatchka Khan

Starring: Randall Park, Constance Wu, Hudson Yang, Forrest Wheeler, Ian Chen

Where We Be?: Orlando

Best Episode: "The Shunning" (Season 1, Episode 3)

How'd it End?: Wu's burgeoning movie stardom ended the show's run more than anything else (she pulled a Caruso!). They wrapped things up with a pretty typical "look ahead" episode to youngest son Evan's graduation day at Harvard transposed with oldest son Eddie telling his parents he doesn't want to go to Harvard and he wants to be a chef.

Legacy: This represented a breakthrough for Asian-Americans on television, becoming the first show with an all Asian-American main cast to broadcast over 100 episodes. For its work, it was honored with both a Critics Choice Award and an NAACP Image Award.

MVP: Constance Wu. Wu has been the breakout star of the show and thanks to the back-to-back success of Crazy Rich Asians and Hustlers is now a bona fide movie star.

Streaming On: Hulu, YouTube TV

9. I Dream of Jeannie

Premiere: Sept. 18, 1965 (NBC)

Number of Seasons: 5 (139 episodes)

Creator: Sidney Sheldon

Starring: Barbara Eden, Larry Hagman, Bill Daily, Hayden Rorke

Where We Be?: Cocoa Beach

Best Episode: "The Birds and the Bees Bit" (Season 2, Episode 29)

How'd it End?: The series didn't get a chance to come to an actual conclusion because it was canceled, but its lasting popularity led to TV movies in 1985 and 1991, albeit without Larry Hagman in the role of astronaut Tony Nelson.

Legacy: 'Jeannie' was a show that was sort-of popular during its initial run and then gained popularity once it went into syndication. Hagman wasn't done with iconic TV roles — he would gain international fame playing J.R. Ewing on Dallas.

MVP: Barbara Eden. The role of Jeannie made Eden an international sex symbol and defined her career, but it was her comic genius that really made the show go.

Streaming On: Crackle

8. Bloodline

Premiere: March 20, 2015 (Netflix)

Number of Seasons: 3 (33 episodes)

Creators: Todd A. Kessler, Glenn Kessler, Daniel Zelman

Starring: Kyle Chandler, Ben Mendelsohn, Linda Cardellini, Norbert Leo Butz, Jacinda Barrett, Jamie McShane, Enrique Murciano, Sam Shepard, Sissy Spacek

Where We Be?: Islamorda

Best Episode: "Part 12" (Season 1, Episode 12)

How'd it End?: Does "good son" John Rayburn (Kyle Chandler) finally confess to all of his and his family's sins? We'll never know.

Legacy: Bloodline's first season is in the running among the greatest single seasons of TV in the 2010s, but the show sullied its legacy somewhat with subpar second and third seasons. But that first season — wow.

MVP: Ben Mendelsohn. He's only in the first season as black sheep brother Danny Rayburn, but he steals the show. It's his absence that hurts the show the most in future seasons.

Streaming On: Netflix

7. Nip/Tuck

Premiere: July 22, 2003 (FX)

Number of Seasons: 6 (100 episodes)

Creator: Ryan Murphy

Starring: Dylan Walsh, Julian McMahon, John Hensley, Joely Richardson, Valerie Cruz, Roma Maffia, Kelly Carlson

Where We Be?: Miami

Best Episode: "Joan Rivers" (Season 2, Episode 16)

How'd it End?: Quick point of order — the show spent its first four seasons in Miami before moving to Los Angeles. For as twisted as the show was along the way, there were relative happy endings for plastic surgeons Sean McNamara and Christian Troy.

Legacy: The acting on the show was criminally underappreciated at the time. Introduced most of us to Julian McMahon, one of its leads, and made him a pretty big star along the way. Also won the Golden Globe for Best TV Drama in 2005.

MVP: Ryan Murphy. Murphy's path to being one of the greatest creators in television history began with Nip/Tuck, which paved the way for Glee, American Crime Story, American Horror Story and 9-1-1, among other projects.

Streaming On: Hulu

6. CSI Miami

Premiere: Sept. 23, 2002 (CBS)

Number of Seasons: 10 (232 episodes)

Creators: Anthony Zuiker, Ann Donahue, Carol Mendelsohn

Starring: David Caruso, Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez, Khandi Alexander, Rory Cochrane

Where We Be?: Miami (duh)

Best Episode: "Mommie Deadest" (Season 8, Episode 22)

How'd it End?: The show was canceled after its 10th season, somewhat unexpectedly, and CBS declined to have the cast re-unite for a proper send-off that would've wrapped up any loose plot lines. Bummer.

Legacy: The spin off from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation somehow became more popular than its original and at one point in its run was the most popular television show in the entire world. As in planet Earth.

MVP: David Caruso. He famously left another hit TV show, NYPD Blue, for a movie career that never took off. So, it’s ironic a TV show (about law enforcement) would be where he would end up finding his greatest amount of fame.

Streaming On: Hulu

5. The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story

Premiere: Jan. 17, 2018 (FX)

Number of Seasons: 2 (19 episodes)

Creator: Ryan Murphy

Starring: Edgar Ramirez, Darren Criss, Penelope Cruz, Ricky Martin, Finn Wittrock, Judith Light

Where We Be?: Miami

Best Episode: "House by the Lake" Season 2, Episode 4

How'd it End?: Always intended to be a self-contained season, it ends with serial killer/spree killer Andrew Cunanan committing suicide in a houseboat, his motive for murdering Gianni Versace (and five others) unknown — the same ending as in real life.

Legacy: The first season of "ACS" based on the O.J. Simpson trial seemed impossible to follow, and while "Versace" didn't hit the massive ratings the first season did, it was almost as big of a critical darling and swept the Emmys and Golden Globes for best mini-series/limited series.

MVP: Darren Criss. The former "Glee" star's chilling portrayal of Cunanan swept almost every major Best Actor award that year, including the Emmys and Golden Globes.

Streaming On: Netflix

4. Jane the Virgin

Premiere: Oct. 13, 2014 (The CW)

Number of Seasons: 5 (100 episodes)

Creators: Perla Farias and Jennie Snyder Urman

Starring: Gina Rodriguez, Andrea Navedo, Yael Grobglas, Justin Baldoni, Ivonne Coll

Where We Be?: Miami

Best Episode: "Chapter 44" (Season 2, Episode 22)

How'd it End?: The payoff of watching the show for five seasons was grand — Jane gets married, sells her book and we find out that her son, Mateo, was the narrator of the story all along. The show gets super-meta at the end — Jane tells her new husband they're turning her book into a telenovela. His reponse? "Who would want to watch that?" Perfection.

Legacy: One of the more critically-acclaimed television shows of the 2010s, Jane the Virgin has a 100 percent "fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes for all five seasons.

MVP: Gina Rodriguez. Rodriguez won a Golden Globe in 2015 for her portrayal of Jane, one of the more iconic television roles of the last two decades.

Streaming On: Netflix

3. Dexter

Premiere: Oct. 1, 2006 (Showtime)

Number of Seasons: 8 (96 episodes)

Creators: Jeff Lindsay and James Manos Jr.

Starring: Michael C. Hall, Julie Benz, Jennifer Carpenter, Erik King, Lauren Velez, David Zayaz, James Remar, John Lithgow

Where We Be?: Miami

Best Episode: "The Getaway" (Season 4, Episode 12)

How'd it End?: One of the most polarizing series finales of all-time ended with former blood splatter analyst and serial killer Dexter Morgan faking his own death and moving to Oregon - destined to a lifetime of anonymity working in a lumber yard.

Legacy: Dexter's legacy is actually pretty complicated. For its first four seasons the show was as good as anything on television. So good, in fact, that the last four seasons were almost universally derided and seemed like treading water.

MVP: Michael C. Hall. His work as the show's titular character, along with his work on "Six Feet Under" put him into the stratosphere with some of the greatest TV actors of all-time and earned him 27 award nominations.

Streaming On: Netflix, Hulu, YouTube TV

2. Miami Vice

Premiere: Sept. 16, 1984 (NBC)

Number of Seasons: 5 (112 episodes)

Creators: Anthony Yerkovich and Michael Mann

Starring: Don Johnson, Philip Michael Thomas, Edward James Olmos, Saundra Santiago, John Diel, Michael Talbott, Olivia Brown

Where We Be?: Miami

Best Episode: "Evan" (Season 1, Episode 22)

How'd it End?: Crockett and Tubbs both turned in their badges, with Tubbs headed back to his native New York and Crockett ready to head even further south to escape his life in Miami. Actually one of the few shows of its era to get a legitimate series finale.

Legacy: The signature, groundbreaking cop show in television history turned Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas, its two leads into huge stars. The two characters they played, Sonny Crockett and Rico Tubbs, are also arguably the greatest on-screen cop duo in TV history. It also catapulted one of the show's co-creators, Michael Mann, to Hollywood stardom.

MVP: Michael Mann. The director's groundbreaking style would influence not just a whole generation of television, but movies as well with seminal hits like The Last of the Mohicans, Heat, The Insider, Collateral and Ali.

Streaming On: Hulu, YouTube TV

1. The Golden Girls

Premiere: Sept. 14, 1985 (NBC)

Number of Seasons: 7 (180 episodes)

Creator: Susan Harris

Starring: Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan and Estelle Getty

Where We Be?: Miami

Best Episode: "The Case of the Libertine Belle" (Season 7, Episode 2)

How'd it End?: The two-part series finale in 1992 brought out the big guns as far as guest stars, with Dorothy (Arthur) marrying Blanche's uncle, Lucas (Leslie Nielsen) and moving to Atlanta. The other three women stayed in Miami. The finale was watched by 27.2 million viewers.

Legacy: The Golden Girls created one of the most well-known theme songs of all-time, "Thank You For Being A Friend." It was a Top 10 Nielsen ratings hit for six of seven seasons and won the Golden Globe for Best Musical/Comedy (Television) three times. One of the greatest comedies in TV history.

MVP: Bea Arthur. The show made mega-stars out of all four actresses, but it was Arthur who was the glue. It was also Arthur's decision to leave the show that ended it after seven seasons.

Streaming On: Hulu