Aug. 29: Grant Lane Borne, child of Lacy Borne and Gerard Borne.

Aug. 30: Reid Alexander Cook, child of Toni Cook and Alex Cook.

Aug. 31: Zakari Jajann Leggett, child of Jasmain Morrison and Richard Leggett.

Sept. 1: Alayah Rayne Fryou, child of Shantell N. Fryou and Don M. Fryou; Esperanza Alyza-Grisella Russo, child of Kayla Russo; Noelle Michelle Trahan, child of Heather M. Barlow and Brook A. Trahan.

Sept. 4: Kaiden Michael Babin, child of Candi Babin and Brett Babin.

Sept. 5: Luke Ryan Duplantis, child of Nisa Liner and Ryan Duplantis; Alaysia Aniri-Alexander Maryland, child of Anita Banks and Kendell Maryland.

Sept. 6: Ainslee Lynn Billiot, child of Jodie Vining and Kenny J. Billiot; Brenleigh Marie Tinkes, child of Kayleigh Bergeron and Brent Tinkes.

Sept. 7: Demi Michelle Verdin, child of Brittany Authement and Albert Verdin.

Sept. 8: Jaxon Ross Bullock, child of Keri Bullock and Derek Bullock.

Sept. 9: Blayden Paul Chaisson, child of Jamie Verret and Justin Chaisson; Aaliyah Nicole Solomon, child of Tori Westbrook and Deneris Solomon.

Sept. 2: Chole Annabelle Bayly, child of Katie Folse and Justin Bayly; Reign Reagan Brown, child of Racheal Ward and Honoray Brown; Ke′Sa Karlae Ellis, child of Kecia Wilson and Sanchese Ellis; Sebastian Saint Jeremaine Winston, child of Jasmine Winston and Jeremaine Winston.

Sept. 3: Alaina Jane Alleman, child of Jenna Allemanand Mathew Alleman.

Sept. 5: Owen Michael Alexander, child of Casey P. Alexander and Richard M. Alexander Jr.; Sawyer Grace Boudreaux, child of Britney Boudreaux and Blake Boudreaux; Sage Renee′ Boudreaux, child of Britney Boudreaux and Blake Boudreaux; Oliver James Rousse, child Kaylee Rousse and Kristopher Rousse; Eleanor Rosemary Rousse, child Kaylee Rousse and Kristopher Rousse.

Sept. 6: Mia Elizabeth Boudreaux, child of Alyssa Lagrange and Bennett Boudreaux; Hendrix Leo Hebert, child of Sage Hebert; King David Jones, child of Sacha Sims and David Jones; Mazie Marie Lombard, child of Erin Ledet and Trepp Lombard; Aiden James Millien, child of Tiffany Millien and Thomas Millien; Emberlyn Alice-Elizabeth Parfait, child of Shaelyn Terrio and Shaun Parfait; Coraline Gray Thibodeaux, child of Abby Garcia and Colby Thibodeaux; Julia Kate Ventura, child of Amber Ventura and Josh Ventura.

Sept. 7: Lynnix Taylor Bernard, child of Brandi Bernard and Taylor Bernard; Blakely Layne Fuselier, child of Rayelyn Domingue and Christopher Fuselier Jr.; Jude Paul Lirette, child of Erica Steib and Zachary Lirette; Samuel David Wells, child of Lindsay Wells and Jared Wells.

Sept. 4: Bellamy Kate Orgeron, child of Nicole Orgeron and Brett Orgeron.