The Florida Highway Patrol wants to remind people celebrating spring break in the Sunshine State to not drive drunk.

More citations for driving under the influence are issued in March than in any other month, FHP reports. Preliminary data show that more than 15 crashes each day in March 2016 involved drivers who had blood alcohol levels that indicated they were intoxicated.

The FHP is partnering with the Florida Department of Transportation, Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Florida Police Chiefs Association, Florida Sheriffs Association, AAA and the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association to spread the message "Arrive Alive, Don't Drink and Drive."

Any plans to celebrate with alcohol should include a plan to get home safely, AAA says. Having a designated driver is the best way to avoid the dangers of DUI.

The FHP says driving while impaired not only puts everyone on the road in danger, it can have serious legal and monetary consequences. Penalties can include expensive fines, license revocation and jail time.