If locals tuned into the Travel Channel's "The Dead Files" Saturday night, they would have seen a familiar face: South Walton's Brenda Rees.

Rees was contacted in early 2016 by the show, which was seeking historical background about a local property.

New owners of a property in the area of Driftwood Estates in South Walton were experiencing difficulties with an apparently otherworldly phenomena. These were not friendly ghosts and the family needed help.

As a recognized area historian, as well as a Walton County native who knows the area, the show's producers had been referred to Rees. The show's producers had already done an extensive property-owner check going back generations until finding the name Reddick.

Rees was familiar with the Reddick name and able to give some background on that early South Walton family.

Rees talked to an advance crew first before the producers arrived with their film crew in February 2016 to film her interview at her home on Eastern Lake.

"It was a big process," said Rees. "They sent out about 10 people and it took several hours. I gave them a lot of history, but the director had in his mind where he was going."

Henry Reddick, who lived from 1833-1924, was an early settler in Point Washington. He later moved his family to the Four Mile Point area where the development of Driftwood Estates is now, an area now owned by Sandestin, said Rees.

While Reddick and his new wife lived at Four Mile Point, they had eight children. Three boys were born and died, and were buried there.

While the show focused on the boys' graves, over which this new family is living, Rees said she would have focused on the Native American Indian middens there as that might be the cause of any trouble with spirits out there.

"We had no idea how it would be portrayed as I gave them a lot of history," said Rees, who was pleased with how it turned out.

As to whether she believes in ghosts, Rees said she has never seen one, but is open to believing that they exist.

"I think there are ghosts on Eastern Lake," she said of her home. "I look across the lake at the Eastern Lake land grants that Mr. Wesley purchased and ponder. William Wesley might be the ghost of Eastern Lake."

The hour-long episode will be viewable again next week at "The Dead Files" site online.