An enduring farewell song from our youth is “Happy Trails." It was sung by many of us as Roy Rogers and Dale Evans rode off into the sunset on Trigger at the end of their television program in the 1950’s. Did you know that "happy trails" is a western expression of goodwill to someone who is departing? It’s a lot like "godspeed," which expresses good wishes to a person starting a journey.

Dale Evans Rogers, who did not like permanent goodbyes, wrote the famous theme song as a promise to meet again. If you know the lyrics (and who among us doesn’t?) you are reminded to “keep smilin’ until then." Many of us were smiling back in the day. It was pretty exciting to own a Roy Rogers cowboy or Dale Evans cowgirl outfit complete with six-shooter. Some were lucky enough to carry a Roy Rogers lunch box — too bad you didn’t keep it. They are worth a lot of money today, especially if you still have the thermos to go with it.

Fast forward 60 plus years and we might find it to be a little more difficult to keep that smile going. We can promise to meet again but “until then” translates to next season in snowbird world. Two things can solve the smile issue: memories of this season and anticipation of the next one. With any luck you possess both solutions.

It’s just about that time when we need to hit the trail ourselves. The meetings are over, as are the activities and events. The keys are turned in and the registration cards are stored until next season. New officers have been elected, scholarships and donations to community charities have been distributed, and recognition, appreciation and gratitude has been conferred on those in leadership positions.

The only thing left to report on is who won the coveted Snowbird Cup. In its fourth year of intense competition between the best of the best snowbird golfers from both the Walton County and the Destin clubs, only one could be victorious. On a cloudless, perfect day the rivalry took place at Bluewater Bay Golf Course with 72 participants. It was once again the Walton County Snowbird Club that found themselves ahead in the 11 to 7 score. This is the fourth year of the Snowbird Cup with Walton County Snowbird golfers having claimed the cup each year. This fact should increase enthusiasm for the interclub challenge in future years. Congratulations, Walton County snowbird golfers, way to go.

As all good things come to an end, so it is with this snowbird season. This will be the last article until November. During the summer, you are encouraged to occasionally check the Walton County Snowbird website,, for updates or changes in schedules for next year. And, as we ride off into the sunset, safe travels, godspeed and most definitely "happy trails" until we meet again.

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