1. Elmo’s Grill

A local hangout for more than 26 years, nightly live music fills the open air porch as you feast on all-you-can-eat crab and the kids chicken-dance the night away. Come as you are and have fun.

2. On the Water

Make memories on a peaceful stretch of beach in Dune Allen Beach or on the three coastal dune lakes, a rare natural phenomena in the world. Access the lakes by bike, car or walking, then fish, birdwatch or explore the lakes by paddleboard or kayak. 

3. Stinky’s Fish Camp

As they say, “with a name like Stinky’s, it better be good.” Sitting on a coastal dune lake just across 30A from the beach, award winning Stinky’s is casual and comfortable restaurant, a culinary hot spot for oysters that sources its seafood locally.