The Costa Family McDonalds recently presented a $1,500 donation to their McCafe with a Cause Charity of the Month, Children in Crisis. Every Monday, Costa’s McDonalds donates 50 percent of their coffee proceeds to a charity of the month. All of Costa’s more than 20 restaurants participate in the program that will continue through 2017. A total of 12 charities benefit from the program.

“The Costa McDonalds’ McCafe With A Cause campaign helps feed, clothe and care for over 150 children that will live at the CIC Children’s Neighborhood this year,” said Ken Hair, CIC president/CEO. “Funding to care for our children is our most critical need and our toughest challenge. This donation will go a long way to help our kids have a better home and life.”

CIC is a 501, (c)(3) non-profit community charity of caring people providing homes and establishing hope to the abused, neglected and abandoned children of our community. Together we can make a difference in the life of a child. To learn more about CIC, visit or call 850-864-4242.