On Sept. 9, approximately 60 authors from the local area and beyond will sign copies of their books at a book signing event at the Hilton Sandestin.

Local best-selling author Traci Hohenstein who wrote the Rachel Scott series was behind bringing the event to the area.

"I attended such an event in Jacksonville three years ago and felt this area would be perfect for such an event," she said. "We have best-selling authors living here and we have the beach, a perfect combination."

Local authors are headlining the event. They are: Hohenstein, Alessandra Torre, Meredith Wild, Jill Sanders and Abbi Glines, author of the Rosemary Beach series.

Hohenstein began writing in 2006 and published her first mystery/suspense novel in 2010.

"I have always been a writer, though," she said.

Hohenstein has found her writing to be lucrative and has now published 12 books with two hitting Amazon's best-seller list.

"My advice to anyone wanting to become an author is to write every day," she said. "Self publishing has become huge and if it sells well it will catch the attention of publishers."

Her second word of advice is to read.

"You can't be a writer without reading," she said.

Torre has published 14 books, but in a different genre from Hohenstein. Torre's mostly fall into the romance genre, and she has also ventured out to pen a suspense trilogy and fiction.

Torre began writing in 2012 after the monumental success of "50 Shades of Grey."

"I never read romance novels and never planned to write romance," she said. "I started writing about how my husband and I met and it turned into a romance novel and I became comfortable in that genre although my reading background is mysteries."

This was also a time when self publishing was gaining prominence.

"My mother started writing a book and self published, and my first was six months later. Its success got me a two-book deal with Harlequin," said Torre. "However, I make more money when I self publish."

Torre also publishes under the name AR Torre.

Knowing nothing about writing or publishing when she began, Torre admits she a lot of mistakes.

One thing she would do differently is choosing a pen name.

"I Googled Italian names," she said of her selection process. "If I had it to do over I would have chosen a simpler name."

The author declines to say what her given name is because of "the crazies out there."

Torre has also moved into the realm of coaching and educating budding authors through public speaking and online instruction.

The top question she gets asked is where do her ideas come from.

Although Torre said she reads a lot, she feels the best story ideas come by watching people and imagining their secret lives.

"A lot of inspiration comes from people I know and TV. It comes from everywhere. Imagining and opening up your mind," she said. "You just have to decide which ideas have meat and are ones that people would want to read."

Torre agrees that writing has proven to be very lucrative.

"I make more than normal authors," she said.

Torre's books are available anywhere books are sold. Signed copies are available on her website.

The author has a PassionFlix movie that was filmed in Georgia and will be released Sept. 20.

For more information about Torre, visit www.alessandratorre.com.

The Book Obsessed Babes author signing event will be from 12:30-4 p.m. Sept. 9 at the Hilton Sandestin. It will feature Hohenstein, Torre and around 60 other authors.

The event will include an author breakfast, book signings, raffle and swag.

For more information on other author signings, visit www.sheerblissevents.com.