The reason for this letter is to see if there is any way the sheriff here in Walton County can possibly attempt to slow the rate of speed of people who drive on 30A in Blue Mountain Beach. In the past eight months, I have spoken with deputies at the sub-station, at the Freeport Café, and over the phone with a shift commander, who by the way said to me and I now quote him, "We don't ticket the tourists as this would be an inconvenience to them as they leave every Saturday.” Even called the sheriff at his office direct and no one returned a call to me.

Well the posted speed is 25 mph. About six weeks ago an mph traffic device was put on 30A here in Blue Mountain Beach. Sat there for a couple of weeks. As drivers drove past most were going so fast their speed was not posted until they passed the device. The sheriff's office failed, however, to post one deputy to write citations to speeders.

I met with my commissioner here, then appeared before the BOCC and spoke about this; was politely told the sheriff is "not required" to respond to their inquiry about how he posts his deputies. "Not required?" Would like to know if he might "be required" to respond after Little Johnny Tourist or my 81-year-old neighbor gets hit by a concrete truck as it hurls through BMB at 50-plus mph and splats them like a piece of road kill?

By the way, it's not just tourists that come through here at an excessive rate of speed; it's the beach chair guys early morning, aforementioned concrete trucks, Tourist Development vehicles, regional utilities trucks, beer distributors. Most of my neighbors agree with my sentiment about this. However, this sheriff is "not required" to do anything.

John "JP" Pierotti

Santa Rose Beach