PANAMA CITY BEACH — A trail of haphazard parking, slurred talking, bumbling walking and energetic shouting led two women to the Bay County Jail last weekend.

Bay County sheriff’s deputies were called to a Beach bar in reference to two women who were not wanted there. The complainant said he watched their vehicle pull into the parking lot “very erratically.”

“They pulled in so fast and crazy, I thought they were going to hit the car they parked next to,” the complainant told deputies. He went on to say the two women came inside, sat close to the stage and “they were acting very strange and soliciting other customers for drinks. (He) said he was getting complaints from the customers in his bar about the two females.”

The complainant said the women went back outside like they were looking for something and one of the women said someone had taken her purse, which had her keys and phone in it. The man said he would help them look for it, he said, and they then accused him of stealing the purse.

The deputy then talked with the women, who said they arrived with a purse and bought drinks with a credit card, but everything was now missing.

Both women “had very slurred speech and had a very hard time maintaining their balance. (One) sat down several times. She also was having extreme mood swings from being happy to crying and talking about something that was not related to the incident,” the deputy wrote.

The second woman told the deputy, “I have been drinking and I’m pretty drunk, but I don’t know where the keys are; I think someone stole them.” But a few minutes later, the same woman told the deputy, “she hadn’t been drinking and that she doesn’t even drink.”