"I am here with good news -- Hillary is still not president," said best-selling author, legal correspondent, and syndicated columnist Ann Coulter as she took the podium at the Hilton Sandestin.

Coulter's news was met with rousing cheers and applause from the room as she spoke on Oct. 12 at the Walton County Republicans' Lincoln Day Dinner, made up of Republicans and the curious who paid $125 a seat to hear her. Close to 400 people attended, said Walton Republican Club President Tim Norris.

During the evening, Coulter kept the room entertained and challenged with her political rhetoric, leaving no one's beliefs, politics, color, or religion unscathed.

"(Hillary) wanted to take us straight to hell, i.e., California," Coulter continued in her attack. "No Republican can be elected there any more. But I think Clinton is pretty far gone now. I think they're done."

Clinton was not the only former candidate and politician Coulter took on in the course of the evening.

"McCain never had a chance against anyone," she said. "I was for Hillary compared to McCain. My slogan was 'Get drunk and vote for McCain.'"

As for former President Obama, Coulter described him as beautiful, well spoken, has a beautiful family, and thank goodness we don't have to face him again.

"He turned our victory in Iraq into a defeat," she believes.

Coulter was also not that kind in her comments about former Rep. Todd Akin.

"Someone should have staged a hunting accident for him," she said. "Be careful in selecting candidates. They aren't getting the message."

And then she turned her attention to the Democrats saying, "Democrats haven't been able to get white people to vote for them since 1948. This could be the end of the Democratic party as we know it."

And Coulter made the prediction and that if Sen. Kamala Harris runs in 2020 she will be the Democratic nominee. Coulter said she was the first political commentator to predict Trump's win.

"He was the first to not see to the comfort and well being of immigrants living in the shadows," Coulter said. "He was not interested in that. Trump was interested in the most important issues of the day. We want a wall. Can't his opponents see that? They are not that stupid, they are just that corrupt.

"Both Republicans and Democrats are willing to go to war with Russia to protect the Russian borders," she added. "Trump is the first president to be more concerned with protecting American's borders. His idea was to put American first on trade, immigration, etc. This is our last chance to save America as we know it. In Trump we trust. He's our last hope."

She gives Trump an A+ for issues except being tardy in constructing a wall between the United States and Mexico.

"Open border policy does not work. The Constitution gives him the right to protect our borders. Make Congress vote against it. We should not talk about amnesty until we have a wall. Trump doesn't need Congress to build it. How do we make ourselves clearer on the issues? We elected Trump. He could conspire with Putin about how to fix the next election if he would just build the wall," she said.

Coulter also voiced her opinion about the President's family.

"Trump is the least loyal person I have ever seen. Firing Kushner is a great idea," she said.

Not to leave out the race card, Coulter said the only racists are those bringing in immigrants to compete for landscaping jobs.

"It's all self interest," she said. "The problem with a multi-ethnic society is that people vote their ethnic interests. The current mayor of Los Angeles is a Jew who won by pretending to be Mexican."

But Coulter's main concern is immigration.

"Do you have a chef, maid, nanny? If you don't, immigration is a net loss for you. Cheap labor is only cheap for the employer," Coulter said. "Learn from what's happened in Western Europe. The poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer. Nothing matters but immigration. I used to think it was all about sex, but it's all about immigration. Every Republican is pro-life now, but the way you tell the mice from the men is immigration."