DEFUNIAK SPRINGS — A 33-year-old man accused of hunting a woman down when she tried to flee his abuse was arrested on multiple charges.

Edward Mandrell Robinson was charged with battery, violating a domestic violence injunction, false imprisonment and possession of drugs and paraphernalia.

According to his Walton County Sheriff’s Office arrest report, the first time Robinson's victim tried to flee, he knocked her out and carried her back to his house.

The second time she tried to escape, Robinson grabbed her mouth and attempted to suffocate her, according to his arrest report.

The woman had visible bruises on her back, knee, elbow and buttocks, and told deputies she was afraid she was going to die on multiple occasions.

She told them that she’d cooperated with Robinson until she was safely able to flee, but couldn’t get away.

When Robinson was arrested, he was found to have methamphetamine, as well as scales and needles.